It all started one day in June of 2013, when my nephew brought this stray dog home for my mom and dad.  They couldn’t keep her because their dog, Pepper, would not eat if the stray was around. PepperDSCN6031_01 was very old and we had thought several times that she was dead or dying, but she always perked back up and was doing okay. So, even though I had been petless for many years and was quite content to be so, or so I thought, I agreed to keep her for them until Pepper passed and then they could take her back. So, I brought her home.

She was a good dog. Very happy and playful. I decided to name her Prissy, as she seemed to priss off after a ball or the Frisbee. After a couple of days, I took her to the vet, to have her checked for a chip and make sure she was healthy, get shots, etc. That night, someone from the vets office called and said one of the vet techs was Facebook friends with someone who was looking for their lost dog and they thought it was Prissy. With her distinct markings, it would be hard to mistake her for another dog. So, I got in touch with the lady, we exchanged pictures, and sure enough, it was her lost pet.

I was getting ready to go out of town for a few days, so I told her to come on over and get her that night. As soon as I hung up the phone, I started crying. I had only had Prissy a few days and was already in love with her and didn’t want to let her go. When the lady came to pick her up, “Prissy” ran and jumped in her arms as soon as she got out of the car. I knew she was home, but I had lost a friend.

5 thoughts on “THE BEGINNING: PRISSY

  1. I am glad that you did find the owner.
    I had two dogs stolen and it took me 11 days to find them. The people who had found my dog had beaten mine, crated and starved. The other was more leary of people and will run if they try to get her. But they did catch her. And she may have dug out of a yard. Shes a good Houdini. She came home starved. I know people had them because their collars had been taken off and replaced in a different hole.
    The locals around seem to like to fight dogs. I knew I was running out of time. I put out flyers with info and pictures in color. Drove every back road I found. Talked to a few people of questionable character. Then we tok it to FACEBOOK. Online. And put pieces together. I told them on the sote to drop them off to where they foind them or close and they would find theor way home. No questions asked.
    Funny things were said on facebook. Like they knew one had been found ( that those people found him and they went out of town???) Right. And the other, they dumped her off on our other road that was full of hard pointy rocks. Then someone said they just KNEW the other would be home that night.
    I got them back and I was lucky.
    That is probably the hardest thing I have had happen to me in my life. And the animals are still spooky about sounds of a truck….and afraid to ride anywhere sometimes. And afraid to go out some. So yes, they now have a ptsd problem. But they are doing much better. Main thing is I have them back.
    My dog is a service dog and always are close to each other.
    Anyways, I am so glad you found it’s owner. 🙂

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    1. I’m glad that you got yours back too. I don’t understand why people want to abuse an innocent animal. It sounds like you really love them, so they will get their trust back and be okay. It may just take a little time.

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      1. Im sorry about the spelling. I am a good speller, but this android seems to messing up a lot lately.
        I have a spellchecker too, but it is acting goofy too.
        My replies make me im a idiot and can’t spell. Maybe this phone needs to go swimmimg in the lake?? 😉
        I would type on my regular computer, but that is also a long story.

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      2. hahaha You’re fine. I have to use my computer for my entries. I just can’t type on my phone. Maybe take your phone in for a checkup instead of for a swim. It would be cheaper, unless you have accident insurance. LOL


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