After I got back home (see previous post), I joined the Facebook page for lost and found dogs in my area and our local humane society. I still wasn’t convinced that a dog was for me, but at least I was now open to the idea.

It wasn’t very long before someone posted that they had found 2 little puppies in the ditch outside of their home. I fell in love immediately with one of them, so I called the number listed. They were on their way then to take them to the humane society, so I just told them to go ahead and I’d check there on Monday.

I was at the humane society when the doors opened and met this little bundle for the first time.


I found that I couldn’t resist that face.  And, she was so sweet. I decided then and there to adopt her, but had to wait 2 weeks while she was taken care of by the vet and spayed. I brought her home on July 11, 2013 and my life was changed forever.


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