My original reason for wanting to blog was because I had heard you can make money from blogs and I really would like to be able to supplement my income this way.  I am not really technically savvy, so the chances of that happening are slim to none.

I threw around a lot of ideas in my head as to what I should blog about.  I knew it had to be something I was really interested in or I would just give up on it.  I love the outdoors, so my first thought was to do a blog about things to do in my county here in East Tennessee.  That would give me an excuse to get out and explore places I haven’t been in years, if ever.  But, I was afraid that would feel too much like work, because I was going to make myself go somewhere new every week and try to do it from A – Z, with something beginning with every letter of the alphabet.

I have been posting stories about my dog, Tippy, on Facebook ever since I adopted her, back in 2013. People tell me all of the time that they enjoy my stories, so that is what I decided to blog about.  I thought if my friends were entertained by what she did, then other people might be also.

My plan is to write about the cute, and not so cute, everyday things she does. I also plan to travel with her, and inform people about dog friendly places, both locally and wherever our adventures take us.

I would love to connect with other dog lovers across the country and learn of places Tippy and I might enjoy exploring together.



6 thoughts on “WHY AM I BLOGGING?

  1. Great job! I read through all your entries and think you are doing a mighty fine work of chronicling Tippy’s adventure. When I read backwards and discovered that it was Prissy that spurred you into adoption, it endeared your pet and your blog in an even sweeter way. I’m picky about which blogs I choose to follow, and yours makes the cut. Thank you for being brave.


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