When I first got Tippy, she was scared to ride in the car.  In order to get her over that, I started taking her fun places, like the tennis courts.   Fortunately, that worked and she now loves to ride!

One of Tippy’s favorite places to go is the local “convenience center,” which is where we take our garbage.  I always go in the truck and we never just go to take off the trash.   What could be a 5 minute chore always turns into at least a 20 minute adventure, as we drive around the community to see what we can see.

As a result, she thinks every time I go somewhere in the truck, she is supposed to go.  One day this past summer, I had to take the truck to get the oiled changed and do some other things that she couldn’t join me in.  As I backed out of the driveway, this is what I heard and saw.

It’s one time I was glad I don’t speak “dog!”


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