Tippy is an “only dog,” so I try to find ways to help socialize her.  One of the things we did recently was attend a Bark For Life event in a nearby town.  This is a canine event that raises money for the American Cancer Society.  (Did you know that research funded by the ACS also helps in the treatment of pets who are diagnosed with cancer?)

bark for life shirt_01
T-shirt I bought

There were lots of dogs there and Tippy was so well behaved. We walked the laps with the other dogs and she walked right beside of me, like that was a normal thing for her to do.

Part of the crowd

They had several contests for the dogs.  One of them was for best vocal performance.  It was funny, because not a single dog that was there would make a peep when we wanted them to.  So, the judges just listened throughout the event for vocalizations.  Tippy rarely barks.  If she does, you know that something is not “right.”  Well, she just happened to see a man walking on a part of the trail at the park up above us.  To her, he was not where he was supposed to be, so she barked at him and won third place!  What a surprise that was!

They also had a Best Trick contest.  Not many people entered their pooch, so I decided to see how Tippy would do with her repertoire, which we hadn’t practiced in a while.   We went up in front of all of those people and she just watched me and did what I asked the first time:  look, sit, down, and crawl.  She won 2nd place!

But, the best trick of all was getting this picture after we got home.  Every time I started to snap it, she would decide she wanted to see what was in the bags.

Tippy and her prizes_01
Tippy and her prizes

I was so proud of the way she behaved and listened.  I would encourage all dog lovers out there to participate in a Bark For Life in your area.  It’s a lot of fun and raises money for a great cause.
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5 thoughts on “BARK FOR LIFE

  1. I love this! you go, Tippy!. Good for you on the socialization. I am worried for Miss Penny, she is dog-aggressive, and the rescue she came from had her evaluated before she came to us. They were pretty sure she was attacked on the street, and they know she was bullied in the home that surrendered her. So, I am looking for a behaviourist in our area. I just want her to have fun and relaxing walks, and not be on high alert.


    1. I hope you can find someone to help Penny. I have a great dog behaviorist here. We are very lucky to have her in our area. She does house calls and has helped me a lot with Tippy. I call her our local Dog Whisperer. LOL


      1. Oh house calls would be wonderful. Miss Penny gets car sick… I love her so much, she can vomit on me all she likes. But I am on the hunt for a behaviorist, too.


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