I am fortunate to live in a very rural area where I can leave Tippy off leash when I am home and have a large area where I can take her for walks.  Most days, I will take her into my neighbor’s field for about a mile “nature hike.”  I walk and she runs.  To me, it usually looks like the same walk, but it is always a new adventure for Tippy.  She has her nose to the ground, smelling the scents from all of the different animal that passed since the last time we were there.  Sometimes, if we are lucky, we will spy deer or wild turkeys to chase.

There is a pond just over the hill from our house that she likes to stop at to get a drink at the end of her run.


On a normal day, she will only get in the edge, with her front paws, and lap.  As you can see, today, she decided to venture out a bit further.  This is a pond for the neighbor’s cows.  If you have ever lived on a farm, you know this means that the mud around the edges isn’t just mud.  It is a conglomeration of mud, cow patties, and pee.  It’s not real pretty and stinks to high heaven.

So, on days that she ventures out into the pond, it is not just her paws that need to be cleaned before she can come into the house.


Fortunately, it was a warm day, so I gave her a bath outside.  The air was warm, but the water wasn’t.  She did okay, except for when I rinsed her backside.  I guess none of us like the feeling of cold water “back there.”


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