Tippy and I took a walk in the neighbor’s field around lunch.  Usually she stays pretty close, but today, she disappeared after we got to our turn-around point.  Since no roads are close, I don’t worry about her, knowing that she will be back soon, if she hasn’t taken a short cut and beaten me back to the house, which is usually the case.  Today, when I got back, she was nowhere to be found.  I was doing my stretches when I saw her at the gate.  She likes to pretend that she can’t get under the barbed wire so I’ll come open it for her.  If I don’t, she has a place a little further down the fence row that is higher she’ll use as her access and egress point.

She came to see me, but went right back.  All afternoon when I would go outside to check on her, I would call and she’d come from the field.  Her feet would be covered in mud, I’d rinse them off, she’d come in the house for a few minutes, she’d want out, I’d let her out, she’d come back with muddy feet, I’d rinse, she’d come in the house, she’d want out……  This was very unusual behavior, so after the 3rd or 4th time, I decided to follow her and see where she was going.  She waited on me while I opened the gate and got through.  I said, “Show me where you have been going.” and off she bounded down the hill.  I followed her and this is what I found.

cropped and picmonkey
Cow and her newborn.

Tippy just walked calmly down to where they were, sniffed around a little, and came back to me to sit and watch for a few minutes.  The calf was up when I first saw it and was rubbing against the mom’s neck.  I thought maybe something had happened and the cow couldn’t get up, so I got closer.  Usually cows are very protective of their calves, but she didn’t move or make a sound.  While she looked healthy, I was still concerned, so I called the neighbor to let him know that he might want to check on them, but he wasn’t home and I had to leave a message.

This would be a great “Lassie” story, if they had needed help. Fortunately, however, when we went back to check on them the cow was up on her feet.  We went one more time and the calf was having it’s dinner.

So, all is well in bovine land.  Tippy, however, is still whining to go see them again.



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