I am retired, but have a couple of part time jobs.  One of those is as a substitute teacher for a local day care center.  Normally, I will work one or two days in a week and some weeks, none at all.  When I am going to be gone all day, I put Tippy on a tie out before I leave (if the weather is good) and my mom and dad will come up and take her for a couple of walks during the day so she can run off some of her energy.

This past week, I have worked every day.  I didn’t want her to have to be tied out for 5 days in a row, so on a couple of those days I took her to my trainer’s house for doggie daycare.

Dropping Tippy off at Doggie Daycare.

This the scene as I was backing out to leave after dropping her off.  She at least looked back to say goodbye this day.  The first day she didn’t.  While I know that is good, and means she feels comfortable and will have a good time, a part of me was sad that she didn’t run back to the car and whine to want to go with me.  I imagine that is similar to how the parents feel when dropping off their children at the day care center and they just run in and start playing.

The trainer has 3 dogs of her own, one she is trying to rehome for a lady, and a puppy she has for 10 days of training.  The owners of the puppy, Star, are not sure they really want to keep her.  They are “cat people” who decided to get a dog.  I don’t think they realized how much difference there is in taking care of a kitten versus a puppy and are considering giving her back.

The day she brought Star to her house, Tippy was there.  The trainer was telling me how good Tippy was with Star….she did the play bow to get her to come into the group and help her relax, then, when she came near, she laid down and let Star lay on her neck.  This amazed me because the only other time I have seen her with a puppy, she played really rough with it.  This got me to thinking about the possibility of taking Star in if her current owners decide they don’t want her.  I guess I’ll cross that bridge if it comes to it, but need to do some serious reflection beforehand.


This is a picture I got of Star this morning when I went by to pick up Tippy.  (Tippy spent the night last night because I had a Relay For Life fundraiser I helped with after work and knew I wouldn’t be home until midnight.)  She’s so cute and such a sweetheart.

11 thoughts on “DOGGIE DAYCARE

  1. Everyone wants a cute little puppy… until they realize that it is a long-term commitment and requires walking the dog in all sorts of weather. Cats are admittedly easier to maintain because most of them don’t care if you are home so long as they have their food, water and a sandbox. After all; cats have staff.

    The dog that needs you, finds you. You will know if Star is the one for you and Tippy.

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  2. I hope you take Star if it comes to that. I agree with The Dog Rules, much different commitment to raise a puppy. Unfortunately, how many end up in shelters. Good on you.


    1. I know. I wish that people would do a little research first. If these people really want a dog, they should have gotten a small one that is old enough to be out of the puppy stage. Puppies are so cute that people seem to have a momentary lapse in common sense and forget that they will chew on everything and will grow up quickly. It’s sad. So, we’ll see what happens.

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  3. Doggie daycare can be a godsend for a pup’s mental and physical well being. And Star is completely adorable! Keeping my fingers crossed all ends up well for her. The whole ‘just kidding’ mentality of people is so irresponsible. What were those people thinking? Ugh.

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  4. She is a cutie! I echo the sentiments shared by your other readers on puppy infatuation especially around the holidays. It seems people forget that dogs, unlike children, will not go away to college, get a job and become independent, it’s a lifetime responsibility and it’s heartbreaking to see so many given up because the decision wasn’t thought out.

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