“Don’t worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don’t even try.” –Jack Canfield

Before I make a decision about adopting Star, I decided that a trial run would be necessary.  I want to see how Tippy handles having her here all the time and, how I handle having two dogs.  So, my trainer brought her here this afternoon to begin the trial phase.

We let Tippy and Star play outside for a few minutes and then brought them inside and set up Star’s crate.  I thought I was in for a long day/night when she immediately started barking.  I think she just wanted out to play, but she isn’t totally house trained, so has to be in the crate most of the time when she is inside, for now.

When the trainer left, I got her out of the crate and took her and Tippy for a walk back in the hills where Tippy and I always go.  I had Star on a long line and let Tippy run free.  She stayed closer than she usually does.

star closeup
I think I like it here. It’s a little hot though.

We stopped for a break before turning around to come back.

taking a break 2
Taking a break in the shade.

When we got back to the house, Star used Tippy’s swimming pool, aka water bowl, to cool off.

I brought them back in the house, where it was cool, for a mid-afternoon nap.  Tippy started in her crate too, but I let her out.  This is where she ended up.

sleeping after walk
Tired and napping after a long, hot walk.

Star has not barked at all since we got back, even when she couldn’t see me.

I took them both outside later for a potty and play break.  There was a storm in the distance.  When it thundered, Star got scared and ran under the chair I was sitting in.  I just let her be and petted Tippy, when she came over and sat in front of us.  It wasn’t long before Star tentatively came out.  We took a short walk and she was fine.  Tippy was frightened of her first storm too.  I remember it was a close one with lots of rain.  I just had her come in the garage, closed the door, and we played games while the thunder rolled outside.  She hasn’t been afraid of them since.  I’m hoping the same will happen with Star.

I really thought all was going well until we came back inside.  I put Star in her crate and left Tippy out.  I sat where Star could see me.  Tippy decided that she wanted to be a lap dog, which she does every once in a while.  So, I stopped what I was doing and cuddled with her for a few minutes.  Then, she decided that she was going to go into the forbidden bedroom and lay down.   I had to go sush her out at least four time.  The last time, she went over and layed in front of the door going out into the garage.  I am feeling like she isn’t real keen on the fact that Star is staying and didn’t go home after what she considered an appropriate amount of time.  Maybe a little bit of jealousy.

As I was finishing typing this last paragraph, Tippy came back and got up on the couch with me – curled up at my feet.  I’m going to try to take cues from her over the next few days to see how she feels about Star.  I don’t want to adopt her if it is going to upset Tippy.

If the trial “fails,” and we decide that Tippy doesn’t want a little sister, at least I’ll know we tried.


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“The hardest thing about the road not taken is that you never know where it might have led.” ― Lisa Wingate, A Month of Summer    

In an earlier post, Doggie Daycare, I introduced you to a puppy named Star whose owners were considering giving her up.  They took her back to their house after the 10 days of training, but, a week later, did decide they didn’t want her anymore.  The trainer has had her for about a month, waiting on me to make up my mind as to whether I want to adopt her or not.

It is now time to make that decision.  Which road do I want to take?  The one I know, or the one I’m not familiar with?

Fortunately, the trainer is a friend of mine and is helping me decide.  I have taken Tippy for a couple of visits with Star at her house and they got along great.

The next step was to see how they would get along on Tippy’s home turf.  Star came for a visit yesterday and it went great!  Star found all of the dead things that Tippy had brought to the yard and Tippy didn’t care!  No aggression over any of it!

The stinky bone that Tippy had came apart, so they each took one piece to enjoy.

chewing on the bone pieces

When Tippy wanted what Star had, instead of growling and fighting over it, she tried to get her to play so she could steal it.

Come play so I can get the bone
Star. Let’s play. Leave that yucky bone.


They played great together and relaxed together.

Mom, I think I like Star.

Now that I know they get along so well, I just have to decide if I want the responsibility of having two dogs.  If I do, Star is definitely the one.  The trainer has told me that she will help and, when I travel without them, she will keep both of them for the same price I have been paying for just Tippy.

The next step is a trial run.  When I know I am going to be home for a couple of days in a row, I am going to get her and see what it is like to live with both of them. I hope that will happen next week.


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“A happy family is but an earlier heaven.” –  George Bernard Shaw

Tippy and I had a fun filled weekend.  We spent Saturday in North Carolina, visiting with family that I don’t get to see very often.  I haven’t laughed so much in a long time!

This trip brought about a couple of firsts for Tippy and a couple of interesting behaviors.

On the drive, Tippy went through her first tunnel, 3 total.  The first one was darker than the rest and startled her a little.  I think she was confused by the darkness and different way the cars sounded as they echoed off of the walls.  The second one was lit better, and, while she did get up and look around, she didn’t seem to be concerned.  The third one was on our way back home.  She was so tired by then, she didn’t care at all!

Tippy is very shy with men she doesn’t know.  For reasons I don’t fully comprehend, she seems to be afraid of them,  which usually results in her either hiding behind me, growling, barking, or all three.  So, imagine my surprise when, soon after we arrived, she went over and layed down between my brother-in-law and male cousin.

Tippy at S&W's
Hey mom, I kind of like these guys that you call family!

However, things were not perfect.  It got cool, so we all went inside.  Later, my brother-in-law went out to talk to one of his neighbor’s.  When he came back in, she growled and barked at him!  This is not the first time that she has demonstrated this behavior.  Last year I took her into a store that sold bathroom supplies.  She was fine with everyone who was already in the showroom when we went in.  But, when a new customer, male, came in, she began growling and barking at him.  It seems that she understands that she is going into their domain if they are already there, but, a perceived intruder is not welcome.

One of the other family members had her little Yorkie Poo there.  Gracey gets along well with people, but has nothing to do with her own kind.  I was hoping that Tippy could draw her out of her shell a little, but Gracey would have nothing to do with that.  She avoided Tippy at all costs and Tippy was very good to just ignore her, for the most part.

I don’t have a lot of visitors at my house, so Tippy is NOT used to having a lot of people sitting around talking and laughing.  She did great though.  She would lie down in front of me for a couple of minutes and then get up and walk over to someone to be petted, come back to me, and repeat.  I’m pretty sure she thought we had gotten together just for her benefit.

My brother-in-law has some great lawn decorations.  I used his farm scene as a photo op for Tippy.  She was too interested in the neighbor’s dog to look at the camera.

Tippy in front of farm
These cows are a lot smaller than the ones we have at home.

Tippy was worn out after getting all of that attention, taking a long walk around the complex where the in-laws live, and 3 hours in the car.  So, she slept really well last night.

After I got home from my Sunday rounds today, I took her for a walk back in the neighbor’s field.  I fully expected her to come back with another part of the dead thing, but I was spared today.  I did find a patch of another one of my favorite wildflowers, wood sorrel.

Wood Sorrel

What a great weekend it was – loving family, great dog, and nature’s beauty. Hope you had a great one too!


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After our uneventful walk today, Tippy and I went back down into the woods to check on the Trout Lilies.  They’re starting to bloom!  My guess is that they will be at their peak in 3 or 4 days.  I wish the pictures could show you the extent of the patch…it covers the entire hillside and valley.  In the bottom right picture, you can see some Trillium at the base of the tree that hasn’t bloomed yet.

On the way back to the house, Tippy was running around, wanting to play fetch with every tree branch she found.  I was just wishing it could have been downhill both ways.

Tippy looking for flowers
 Come on mom. You can do it!

A little while later, I was in the house and heard her barking. You may remember that she only barks when something is not as it should be, in her opinion, so I went out to see what was wrong.  I found her about half way down the hill beside of the house, barking her head off.

Tippy barking
Mom, I heard something!

I followed her gaze and finally figured it out.  A tree at the bottom of the hill had fallen into the little creek that runs through the property.  It broke when it fell, so I’m sure it was loud and scary to her.


Fallen Tree

I assured her that I saw what it was and it was okay.  That’s all she needed.  She stopped barking and followed me back into the house.

This reminds me of when she was little, and her crate was out in the garage (more on that later). Every once in a while she would bark once, maybe twice, long after I had put her to bed.  I’d go out, turn on the light, look under the car and truck, and assure her nothing was there and everything was okay.  That’s all she needed.  She wouldn’t bark again the rest of the night.  Just like a toddler, needing mom or dad to come look in the closet, or under the bed, to ensure them that nothing is there so they can feel safe and go back to sleep.