“A happy family is but an earlier heaven.” –  George Bernard Shaw

Tippy and I had a fun filled weekend.  We spent Saturday in North Carolina, visiting with family that I don’t get to see very often.  I haven’t laughed so much in a long time!

This trip brought about a couple of firsts for Tippy and a couple of interesting behaviors.

On the drive, Tippy went through her first tunnel, 3 total.  The first one was darker than the rest and startled her a little.  I think she was confused by the darkness and different way the cars sounded as they echoed off of the walls.  The second one was lit better, and, while she did get up and look around, she didn’t seem to be concerned.  The third one was on our way back home.  She was so tired by then, she didn’t care at all!

Tippy is very shy with men she doesn’t know.  For reasons I don’t fully comprehend, she seems to be afraid of them,  which usually results in her either hiding behind me, growling, barking, or all three.  So, imagine my surprise when, soon after we arrived, she went over and layed down between my brother-in-law and male cousin.

Tippy at S&W's
Hey mom, I kind of like these guys that you call family!

However, things were not perfect.  It got cool, so we all went inside.  Later, my brother-in-law went out to talk to one of his neighbor’s.  When he came back in, she growled and barked at him!  This is not the first time that she has demonstrated this behavior.  Last year I took her into a store that sold bathroom supplies.  She was fine with everyone who was already in the showroom when we went in.  But, when a new customer, male, came in, she began growling and barking at him.  It seems that she understands that she is going into their domain if they are already there, but, a perceived intruder is not welcome.

One of the other family members had her little Yorkie Poo there.  Gracey gets along well with people, but has nothing to do with her own kind.  I was hoping that Tippy could draw her out of her shell a little, but Gracey would have nothing to do with that.  She avoided Tippy at all costs and Tippy was very good to just ignore her, for the most part.

I don’t have a lot of visitors at my house, so Tippy is NOT used to having a lot of people sitting around talking and laughing.  She did great though.  She would lie down in front of me for a couple of minutes and then get up and walk over to someone to be petted, come back to me, and repeat.  I’m pretty sure she thought we had gotten together just for her benefit.

My brother-in-law has some great lawn decorations.  I used his farm scene as a photo op for Tippy.  She was too interested in the neighbor’s dog to look at the camera.

Tippy in front of farm
These cows are a lot smaller than the ones we have at home.

Tippy was worn out after getting all of that attention, taking a long walk around the complex where the in-laws live, and 3 hours in the car.  So, she slept really well last night.

After I got home from my Sunday rounds today, I took her for a walk back in the neighbor’s field.  I fully expected her to come back with another part of the dead thing, but I was spared today.  I did find a patch of another one of my favorite wildflowers, wood sorrel.

Wood Sorrel

What a great weekend it was – loving family, great dog, and nature’s beauty. Hope you had a great one too!


This is Day 1 of the  3-day Quote Challenge which I accepted.
I nominate the following bloggers for the 3-day quote challenge:

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If you accept, post 1-3 quotes for 3 consecutive days, and nominate 3 fellow bloggers to do the same each day.


8 thoughts on “WEEKEND EXPLOITS

  1. Yay Tippy! We don’t have a lot of visitors either, and Penny will bark when someone comes in. She calms down, but if they get up and move around, she barks again at them. She is Miss Bossy Pants.

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