Resting after a walk

One of the things I am working on with Tippy is to NOT pull when she is on the leash.  She weighs 65 pounds and is as strong as an ox.  If I let her pull, she could potentially pull me down or get away from me in a dangerous situation.  To keep this from happening, if she starts to pull, I will stop and call her to come back and sit beside me until she settles down.  We continue with our walk, and, if she pulls again, we repeat the process until she can walk with no pulling.

One day, a couple of weeks ago, I had taken her out for her morning constitution before getting ready for a day of substitute teaching at a local day care/preschool.  I was sort of in a hurry, but she started pulling.  I know that she had caught a whiff of something that had been out the night before, but that is no excuse. Being in a hurry, I was tempted to just let it go, but knew that I needed to be consistent.  We started the training session described above.  After the fifth time of calmly calling her back to sit by me, having only gone about 10 steps, I said to her:  “What are you doing?  Trying to teach me patience for my day with the children ?”

Then it hit me!  That was exactly what she was doing.  If I could be calm and patient with her, I could be calm and patient with the children. I don’t have to get frustrated when they don’t listen the first time.  I still need to get them to mind, but in a more calm, assertive way.  This is just one example of how Tippy has made me a better person and a better teacher.

Do you have a story of how your dog/pet has made you a better person?  If so, I’d love to hear it.


  1. Gorgeous Tippy 😍 I do the same with my little dog, when she pulls I just say “nicely” that’s her cue to stop.

    She has taught me complete devotion to someone, other than the kids, I know that regardless of how tired I am after a night shift, how rough I feel with a chronic illness, how bad the weather is, she relies on me to take her out for her morning walk – I try to never let her down, just seeing her disappointment breaks my heart! I simply adore her 😍 xx

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  2. What a wonderful realisation and well done Tippy for being such a beautiful inspiration. Our dogs have taught us how important it is to create a healthy work/life balance and it has made us much happier and more relaxed as people. Our dogs are never on their own and we have so much time in the great outdoors. We have become fitter and healthier and learned that the things we enjoy the most are all freely available. Lots of love and wags to both of you xxx

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    1. Dogs do tend to make us healthier and help us to balance our lives. I know there have been many days that the only reason I went for a walk was so that Tippy could run and play! I love to see all of your pictures with your dogs running and playing. They are such a joy to “watch.” And, I agree, the best things in life are indeed free! Love to you all! 🙂

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  3. I think my first, accidental rescue has changed my life most. Possibly saved it, too. She was called Noel, we found her dying on Christmas Eve many years ago. She made me change my (very stressful) job and realise money really doesn’t make you happy. The best thing I got from Ardbeg was the ability to forgive. He’d been badly abused and I kind of hated people for having done it to him. All people. But then, I watched him looking at people’s faces, assessing how friendly they were and if he decided not to interact with them, he’d have this understanding expression ‘oh, well, he’s just an unhappy human’. He forgave and lived on, he didn’t hold a grudge – so I can’t either.

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    1. Thank you for sharing! I love that you named your first accidental rescue Noel and that she saved you! The ability to forgive is a hard one sometimes. Dogs do tend to just let things be. I do think they remember. They just know that they are no longer in that situation and enjoy each day as it comes. (Another lesson we can learn from them.) 🙂

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    1. Thank you for sharing and for your lovely comment. Someone else said their dog taught them balance in life. I think that goes along with your comment. There is a need for play in life and we do sometimes forget that. 🙂


    1. I went by and picked her up today to keep until Saturday. If all goes well, I will keep her. So far, so good. She and Tippy are kind of ignoring each other this afternoon and vying for my attention. LOL


  4. I think dogs teach us a lot more lessons than we realize. Oshie is a leash puller too. over 2 years old now and he still does it. He just gets so excited on walks that he can’t help it and I haven’t tried hard enough to break him from the habit.


    1. It does take persistence and patience. If it doesn’t bother you, then don’t worry about it. I just worry about Tippy getting away from me and want her to “behave” when I take her into stores and other places.

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      1. Yes it does. It doesn’t bother too much except for in public places. He has been better lately and most of the time it is because he is so happy and wants to say hello to everyone.

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  5. Use a head collar/leash. I had a sweet girl that could drag me through the brush with no problem. lol I switched to a head collar and after a few weeks, the pulling became almost non-existent.

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