If you have a dog, you probably have those days that you wonder, “Does he/she really know what I just said?”  I had one of those days on Monday.

I was getting to usher at the local baseball game that night.  What better way to spend the 4th than getting paid to watch baseball, a great after game concert, and awesome fireworks?!  Anyway, because I was going to be gone all afternoon and evening, I had my trainer, A., keep Tippy overnight. About 30 minutes before she was going to be here, I told Tippy, “You’re going to get to spend the night at A.’s and play with Tucker and Star.  She’ll be here soon.”    This is where she spent the next 30 minutes.

Oh boy! I get to go to A.’s. Where is she?

Did she really know what I said?!  I don’t know, but she sure acted like she did.

I’m so glad that she enjoys staying with A.  When she did get here, Tippy ran right out and jumped in her car, not looking back or worrying that she was leaving me.  I think her time at A.’s is like a mini vacation.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, she wound up staying for 2 days and just got home this morning.  Like us, even though she loves her “vacation,” she is glad to be home.

after doggie camp
There’s no place like home.


9 thoughts on “DOES SHE REALLY KNOW?

  1. My dog has a home he loves going to as well (my ex’s). But I think he’s glad to come home. I’m sure they understand more than we think. We also give more clues about what we are communicating than we know.

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  2. It’s nice that you are able to go out and work and someone can look after your dog so you don’t have to worry. And sometimes I think my dogs can understand too much haha

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  3. So funny! Animals recognize, “treat,” “leash,” “out,” “go see Mommy” or “go see Sissy. . .” I am positive the guinea pigs recognized the refrigerator opening since they liked carrots and lettuce to nibble on. They would squeak, almost like “oink’s!” 🙂

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  4. Alex loves to go out and play, sometimes she decides to play hide and seek with me and I have to wonder through the bushes and trees to find her. It’s fun. Its so much fun.


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