Here is installment #2 of Tippy Wisdom.  Sorry I didn’t post earlier.  It’s been a busy week.

Tippy Wisdom #4: You shouldn’t run through every door that opens. Sometimes, you need to wait to be invited in (or out) and, sometimes, you don’t need to go through it at all. This is true both literally and metaphorically.


Tippy Wisdom #5: If you don’t understand something, it may help to look at it from a different perspective.



Tippy Wisdom #6: When you are trying really, really hard to learn something, sometimes you just need to take a break and run around the yard as fast as you can about 10 times. (For those of us who aren’t dogs, this applies to a hard day at work or school too. Taking a break and getting a little exercise does do a world of wonders for your concentration and greatly lowers your frustration levels.)

Hope you are enjoying these bits of wisdom.  Installment #3 will be coming soon.


4 thoughts on “TIPPY WISDOM #2

  1. Tippy is so cute! My cats do this, too. They will run from one side of the house (they are inside cats) to the other. Stop. And then do it all over again. Never could quite figure out why….

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