Here is the third installment of Tippy Wisdom.  Again, sorry for taking so long between posts.

Tippy Wisdom #7: Things are not always as they appear on the surface.

turtle shell
Box turtle shell

One day I spied this turtle shell that Tippy had found and had been chewing on.  I only saw the white part and thought I had happened upon a rare albino turtle.  Upon closer inspection, I found out the truth.  The brown color of the turtle is just a veneer that can be peeled away.  Who knew?  Certainly not me!



Tippy Wisdom #8: Praise is much more effective than correction. (Correction is going to be necessary, but the more you praise the wanted behavior, the less often the unwanted behavior will show up.)

Tippy Wisdom #9: In order to have a stress free environment, the leader of the pack must be clearly established. This is true for the dog/person relationship, but also for the everyday life of humans: student/teacher, worker/boss, child/parent, etc.. When there is a clear leader, everyone is happy.

Tippy Wisdom #10: A treat doesn’t have to be something unhealthy. Tippy, for instance, loves carrots so I use them as a special treat for her. (Of course, she eats cow piles, so I’m not real sure this is the best analogy. LOL)

Tippy and her carrot
Yum! I love carrots!






10 thoughts on “TIPPY WISDOM #3

    1. hahaha I didn’t know what those things are, but I googled them. Sorry. When I said cow piles, I mean cow manure. I forget there are people from other cultures on here, which I love, but things do get lost in translation. Don’t think you would want to be eating what I call a cow pile. LOL

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      1. It’s a Welsh joke. Barra Lawr / laverbread, sea weed, looks just like cow piles / patties. So we called the cow patties laverbread. The sea weed has been called Welsh Caviar by Richard Burton (amongst others) and is delicious. The cow patty laverbread: not so appetizing!


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