Here is the fourth and final installment of Tippy Wisdom.  Hope you have enjoyed them.

Tippy Wisdom #11: Make sure your last word to anyone (or any dog) is a positive one. (My trainer told me this at our first training session. So, if I am working on something with Tippy and she is having a hard day,  I do my darndest to make sure she has a success before we quit so we can end on a positive note.)

Tippy Wisdom #12:  Sometimes you unintentionally hurt the ones you love.  When Tippy was a puppy, those little teeth and claws were sharp.  At the time, she was an outside dog, so I kept hydrogen peroxide, triple antibiotic ointment, and band aids by the door to doctor my scratches and accidental bites every time I came in the house.  I must have looked like I had been in a fight, and lost, most days.

Puppy with sharp teeth and claws
Sorry I hurt you mom. I didn’t mean to.

Tippy Wisdom #13: When dealing with a frustrating situation, getting upset just adds bad energy and makes things escalate. Calm assertiveness is the best way to handle things. Dogs (and I believe children) can sense your energy and will feed off of it – whether calm or excited.

Tippy Wisdom #14: A tired puppy is a good puppy! I think, for the most part, this goes for humans too.

A tired puppy
Sleeping like a baby.

Tippy Wisdom #15: Don’t worry about what other people think of you. Be your own unique person and do things your way.

Relaxing her way
Relaxing her own way.

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