While out walking with Tippy yesterday, I saw another one of my favorite wildflowers, the Passion Flower.  The vine the flower grows on is at Tippy’s feet.  As you can see, she was more interested in whatever was up in the tree than she was in looking at the flora in front of her.

tippy and passion flowers
Is that a squirrel up in the tree?

The flower gets its name from how its parts relate to different aspects of the crucifixion of Christ:  10 petal-like parts represent the disciples, minus Peter and Judas; the 5 stamens represent the wounds Jesus received; the 3 knob-like stigmas, the nails; and the fringe, the crown of thorns.  I love the colorful details of this flower.

passion flower close up
Close up of the Passion Flower
passion flower
Passion Flower and vine

In my younger days, my brother and I would stomp on the seed pods that develop from the flower – they are hollow, so make a fairly loud popping noise if you stomped them just right.  Oh, the memories…..


14 thoughts on “PASSION FLOWER

  1. I had no idea! Honestly, I’ve wondered about the name, thinking the beauty of the flower was to inspire a more carnal sort of passion. I feel so smart, now (sadly, I’ll never remember the details, so it’ll be hard to be a show-off the next time I run across one). Thanks!

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