I know most of you who read my blog have indoor pets and will probably think horrible things about me, but, when I first got Tippy, she was strictly an outside dog.  She did stay in my enclosed (heated and air conditioned) garage at night, in a crate, but was not allowed inside the house.  I never had indoor dogs as a child, so really didn’t even consider the possibility, especially since she had so much energy and was chewing everything she could get her mouth on.

When she was about a year old, my trainer (A.C.) kept her for a few days while I went on a trip.  She let Tippy stay inside her house, with her own dogs, and said she had no issues at all.  She didn’t get into anything and let A.C. know if she needed to go outside to potty.  So, I decided I would try it and see how she did.

A.C. talked me through how to introduce her to the house and how to let her know that she needed to be calm when she was inside.  She did great.  She never had an accident in the house and never chewed up or bothered anything.  Even though she loved to chew on twigs and logs, she didn’t touch the pile of  firewood I had beside the fireplace.  I only had to tell her to leave it alone once, and she never went back.  I believe she truly understands that there is a difference in what is allowed outside versus inside.

Still, I wanted my bedroom to be a “Tippy free” zone.  She quickly learned her boundaries and, for the most part, abided by them.  It took me another few months before I felt comfortable enough to leave her out of her crate when I wasn’t going to be in the same room, like when I took a shower or was asleep.  It turned out that I had nothing to worry about, but I did.  Eventually, I started letting her sleep wherever she wants to, within her boundaries.  Sometimes, she choses her crate, but it is more likely that she will be on the couch, loveseat, or living room floor.

Tippy sleeping on the couch
Yes, I am comfortable. Thanks for asking.

She is a little afraid of the vacuum cleaner, so, when she is inside and I am vacuuming the living room, she goes into the bedroom to “get away.”  I decided that was okay.  Of course, she took advantage of that, and now I let her sleep in there during the day.  For some reason, her favorite spot for an afternoon nap is under the bedroom window.

Tippy sleeping in the bedroom
Tippy’s happy place.

At night, she still sleeps in the living room and NEVER comes into the bedroom.  That is why this morning was so sweet.

I woke up about 6:30 am with a cramp in the calf of my leg.  My reaction was “Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow.” I didn’t say it very loudly, but Tippy heard and came in to check on me.  I told her thanks and gave her some lovin’ while I stretched out the muscle.   She moved down to my leg, which was hanging over the edge of the bed, rubbed up against it, and then laid down in the floor.  I was going to let her stay there until I got up, but, she voluntarily moved back into the living room in about 5 minutes.  I think she just wanted to make sure I was okay.  You can’t get much sweeter than that!


17 thoughts on “SWEETNESS

  1. I’ve never known of an ‘outside’ dog. That wasn’t a concept when I grew up. My dog is primarily an indoor dog – he never goes outside by himself longer than 10 mins. People who had him before me left him out in the cold all day or longer… that doesn’t happen anymore but I think he’s still afraid it might. This morning he was cuddled with me in bed. (no photo available fortunately)

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    1. I think it is probably because I grew up on a farm in a rural area. There weren’t many houses around and we mostly had beagles, which we did use for hunting. They always had plenty of food, shelter, and love. They roamed around the country freely, as all of the neighborhood dogs did. They just weren’t allowed in the house. That was the life I had lived nearly 60 years ago.


  2. Benji is an inside and an outside dog. He is inside most of the time but he has the freedom to wander in and out as he wants to. He is a rescue dog of five yeas old (six next month). He sleeps in the room with me but although he comes on the bed from time to time, he generally prefers to sleep in his own bed. Currently we have two dogs – Benji being my dog and the WaWa (Chihuahua) is a dog that we are looking after for the time being. Her owners are coming back – we just don’t know when.

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    1. Tippy is basically inside and outside too. In the cooler weather, she prefers outside most of the time. At night, she is in though. Too many wild critters around to leave her out. Sounds like Benji has a good life. Chihuahuas are not my favorite breed. All I have met are really yappy and I just don’t like that.


  3. Yappy – well we just wont go into that but I will say that although I like the dog, I will be so glad when her owners return, but if they don’t I will keep her – it would be just so cruel to do otherwise.

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    1. Awww. You are right. It would just be cruel to keep shuffling her around and you wouldn’t know if she would get a good home. What a good heart you have! I hope the owners return, for everyone’s sake.


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