Day 4 was our day to come home.  It was a rainy, foggy, dreary day.  The kind I really hate driving in.  I was very tempted to stay an extra day and just chill in the hotel room with Tippy, but I had to get back home.

Tippy was still a little unsure of the elevator, but was doing much better by the end of the trip. I think she knew it was necessary to get from the room to the outside, and back again.

Taco Bell was a nice place for a break.



Because of the rain, I decided to come home via the Cumberland Parkway and US 25E, thus bypassing the interstates.  The traffic was light and the weather cleared up about 2 hours into the trip.  One of the downfalls of not being on the interstate, is that there are no rest areas.  Half-way home, we pulled into a Taco Bell for a break.  I always feel the need to buy something when I stop at a fast food restaurant for a potty break, but I was a rebel this day and did not!





Of course, we had to stop at Veterans Overlook near Bean Station.  It’s just too pretty of a view to bypass.  We had a nice conversation with an English lady who was there with her son and daughter-in-law.  They are the ones who took the picture of me and Tippy.

The monument and flowers at the base of the flag pole are a new addition from when I was last there.  It says, “This monument is to honor all veterans, past and future, for service to the United States of America.”  Some people have placed items with the names of their loved ones there.  It is very touching.

Are we there yet?



I was able to capture this picture of Tippy in the back seat of the car.  I think the caption pretty much expresses how she was feeling at this point in the trip.





After we got home, we took a walk back in the fields.  Then, she got to relax while I unpacked the car and packed it up again with items needed for a Relay For Life fundraiser the next day…..a Jaguar Concours.  I think we both loved our trip, but, as always, it’s nice to be back home.


I do want to give the TownePlace Suites of Bowling Green a thumbs up as a great place to stay with your dog/pet.  All of the staff was very friendly and they thought it was great when Tippy would put her paws up on the counter to see them.  She got lots of lovin’ from them too.  The rooms were very clean and spacious, and the beds were extremely comfortable.  They also had a “free” breakfast, which was decent.  In addition to the cold items, they also had fried eggs and sausage.  However, they do have a fairly steep, non-refundable, one time pet fee of $100.  L. and I think it could be because this is an extended-stay establishment, so, maybe they feel the longer someone is there with their pet, the more likely it is that something will happen.  We were able to negotiate a slightly lower fee.  I would recommend staying there if you are in the Bowling Green area.  (I did not receive any compensation for this truthful review.)


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