After our walk today, Tippy found a “stick” to play with.  Usually she wants to play fetch, or rather, keep-away.  Today, she just ran with all of her might in a giant circle and then was done.

Want to play fetch?

With her idea of a stick and her speed when running, playing fetch can be a dangerous undertaking.  I have found, when she is in the mood, if I get two sticks and throw the second when she gets close, she will drop the first and take off after the second, thus avoiding a dangerous collision.


How long does it take to change a light bulb?  Normally, my answer would be 5 minutes. Today, it took 5 hours! Okay, not just to change the bulb, but to get the light working again.

When I came home Wednesday night, I flipped the light switch, the light flickered, and then it went out.  I assumed that the bulb had burnt out.  One of my to-do things today was to fix it.  As you have guessed by now, the bulb was not the problem.  So, I became an electrician and found that the switch was broken.

Why am I writing about this on a blog about Tippy?  Because, she got to go to Lowes today.  Twice!

Yeah! I get to go for a ride! It’s a great day.

On the first trip, I got the switch I thought I needed.  Tippy was a hit.  She always thinks that everyone is there just to see her….well, all of the women and kids.   She even put her front paws on the counter and gave the cashier a kiss, which she loved. She is getting better with letting men pet her without fear growling.

When I got home and started to replace the switch, it was not what I wanted.  The old one had the wires stuck in the back.  While this switch had holes for that, they were not big enough for the wires.  The switch did have screws on the side I could use, but I really wanted one like I had.  So, back to Lowes we went.

Where are we going this time?

Not sure what that look is about.  She really was excited to go.

The ladies at the return desk all loved on Tippy.  I think they may have needed it after a long day of dealing with Black Friday shoppers.  I got help this time and found out that they no longer make a switch that will accommodate the size wire I have.  Shoot!  At least I had remembered something else I needed from there, so it wasn’t a wasted trip.

We went through the same checkout line as we did the first time.  Lots of Tippy lovin’ ensued.  No wonder she likes going to Lowes so much!

That was fun. Do we get to go again?

So, 5 hours later……

We have light!

Why is it that home maintenance seems to always take longer than expected?




I know that some say you shouldn’t feed your dogs “people food,” but I gave Tippy a treat of Thanksgiving leftovers today.  I made sure to only give her things that were good for her.


She knew something good was coming her way.

Just put it down already!  Please!


And…it was gone in about 30 seconds.  Too bad the still pictures don’t show the wagging tail.  She was definitely one happy dog today.

Tippy and I have a lot for which to be thankful.   We hope you do too.