I am going to take the truck to have it worked on tomorrow.  In preparation, I went out late this afternoon to get some things out of the console and make sure I had the correct keys.  (It is a 1990 model so does NOT have a key fob.  Instead, it has two keys; one key for the ignition and another to lock the doors.)  Tippy assumed all of this action involving the truck meant an impending ride.  She was waiting patiently.


I finally coaxed her out of the garage to go potty before coming in for the night.  I always have her go potty before we take a ride, so, when we came back into the garage, she took up her position by the truck.  I could see the disappointment on her face when I told her we weren’t going anywhere and made no move to open the door.


When I had her come in the house, she realized her hopes had been dashed….for today.  Who knows what tomorrow might bring.  We can always dream.



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