How does that old saying go?  What you don’t know won’t hurt you?  Well, now I know and I am going to worry a little bit more about where Tippy goes when she’s outside by herself, or just out of site.

If you are a frequent reader of my blog, you know that my driveway is a hilly, curvy, .25 miles long.  To give you a visual, I have taken a picture of the Google Earth view of my house. The blue dot is my roof, where the lines intersect.  The yellow line is my driveway and the red line is the route I usually take Tippy when we go for our “walk back in the hills.”   When I wog, a term I came up with for jogging interspersed with walking, I usually stop where the black x is on the driveway.  Normally, Tippy will turn around close to where I do, when she is following me.

Where I live and take Tippy for walks.

A couple of days ago, I took her for our walk, then came back to do some wogging.  Tippy had not come back through the gate with me, but I never worry about that either.  As you can see, there isn’t a whole lot of places she can get in trouble back there and she always comes back home in about 5 minutes.

On my second lap, just about at the turn around point, Tippy came running and blew past me like I was standing still.  She went on around the curve.  In a couple of minutes, she came back with her tongue hanging out and rested in front of the garage while I continued wogging.  That is, until the last lap, when again, she blasted past me.  About the time I finished with my wog, she came streaking back up the driveway.

We came in the house and the phone rang.  It was my dad.  He wanted me to know that he had been on his way home from feeding the neighbor’s horses and saw Tippy in the edge of the road!  Really?!  Did she just do that?! Good news is, a car came by and she ran back up towards the gate instead of chasing it.  Then, Dad started to turn the tractor around, so he could make her come home, and he said she flew around the gate and back up the driveway.

She was already in the house with me, so I couldn’t scold her.  She would have had no clue as to why I was mad.  But, I did, in a very calm, soothing voice, tell her that I was NOT happy that she had gotten in the road and that she could get hurt doing that.  This is the reaction I got.


Do you think she knew she was in trouble?  It sort-of looks like it to me.  That, or guilt.

17 thoughts on “WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW….

  1. Oh, Tippy – I think sometimes our dogs get a lot more than they let on. I think they like to get away with things, thinking we are none the wiser because if we didn’t see it with our own eyes, clearly we don’t know (or probably don’t know) what happened.

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