We say that something is “Just what the doctor ordered.” when we get something that makes us happy.  Well, in this case, the “doctor” was a mechanic and I think Tippy may have paid him off for his prescription for keeping my truck in good running order – drive it a lot more.  At least 20 miles a week.  (Its 27 years old and only has a little over 52,000 miles on it.)  I have tended to let it sit a lot longer than it should because it gets horrible gas mileage.  Since it is now fixed and in good running order, I am going to do my best to follow “doctor’s orders.”

Today, we took off the trash and then, to get a few more miles in, took a field trip to Bible’s Covered Bridge.


According to the Tennessee Department of Transportation website, this is one of only four existing covered bridges in the state of Tennessee.  It’s pretty cool that it is in my neck of the woods.  I was saddened to see that people had painted graffiti all over the inside, but am happy that they have yet to “attack” the outside.

Get the picture already. I have things I need to sniff.

An historical marker has been erected since the last time I was there.  The picture on the marker is what the original bridge looked like – the one I remember as a kid.  We used to go fishing underneath it every summer and, as I recall, caught some pretty good sized catfish.

The back of the marker gives historical information about the bridge.  I got a picture, but because of the angle of the sun, it didn’t turn out very well.  So, the basics are that the Bible family settled in the area in 1783 on a land grant from North Carolina.  In 1923, a direct descendant of the original settlers had the bridge built in order to gain access to the main road without having to ford the creek.  The cover was put on the bridge in order to protect the timbers from the weather, and, therefore, make it last longer.

(I think Tippy looks like a kid that isn’t interested in history being forced to tour a museum.)


I tried to get a good picture of Tippy and the bridge.  Below are three shots taken about 5 seconds apart.  She would NOT look at the camera!  I guess I should remember to take treats next time.

She did enjoy exploring the area.  It’s always exciting to investigate new sights, sounds, and smells.




  1. I am so glad we are in the Digital Age because I have the same problem getting Benji to look at the camera and I delete so many pictures because he turns away at the last moment. Loved the covered bridge – we don’t have any in the state that I am aware of.

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    1. I know. I grew up with film and, I must admit, do miss it a little. But, it sure is nice to know right away if a picture is good or not and be able to do a retake instead of missing it altogether.


  2. Lucky Tippy with extra rides!

    I don’t know if it will help, but I realized last summer that I need to pay attention to the sun location when trying to get a picture of Choppy outside – she won’t look at me if the sun is directly or nearly directly behind me (it makes sense, as it has to hurt her eyes to look into the sun). Just a little move one way or another often solves the problem of her looking at me or not.

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  3. Unfortunately, every covered bridge I’ve every been under has graffiti inside – except one in Quebec that paid artist to paint pictures and make it into a ‘gallery’ My dog rarely looks at the camera but he loves smelling historical stuff.

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