I love old buildings.  I want to know their history and wish I could see them as they were in their glory days.  But, when they have outlived their usefulness, they are often abandoned and left for nature to reclaim.  Such is the case for the old gristmill by the river near my house.  My dad tells stories of taking corn there to have it ground into cornmeal.  The owner would keep a set portion as payment.  I assume he would then sale his portion to those who didn’t have corn, thereby getting the money he needed for essentials.  It was a simpler time, but probably much harder that we realize.

Tippy and I drove by there today.  There is no longer anywhere to get a vehicle off of the road to stop and look around, so I took a picture out of the truck window.  I wish someone had reclaimed it before it got in this shape.  How neat it would be to see corn ground there again, using water power to turn the mill!

The old mill.

Wanting to get some mileage on the truck, we drove on and made a big loop along the river and back to the house.  I had hoped to find somewhere to let Tippy get out and explore, but there really wasn’t anywhere.  All of the places on the river that we used to be able to stop are now closed to the public.  I think the main reason that the owners put up fences was that irresponsible people started leaving their trash laying around.  I certainly can’t blame the owners for wanting to keep their property safe and clean.  It does make me a little sad and nostalgic, though.

It didn’t matter to Tippy that we didn’t make any stops.  She was very content just to have had a 30 minute truck ride.  After taking in all of the new sights, a nap was in order.


I cracked up when I peeped in and saw her toys lined up and perfectly spaced!


17 thoughts on “SIMPLER TIMES

  1. Council wants to knock down an old building – people protest – council fences off the building and leaves it – building decays, council declares it dangerous and a safety hazard and knocks it down. That’s what I think the process is. Annabell says that Benji doesn’t care where we drive to, he’s in the car with his daddy and that’s all that matters to him. He gets upset when I go out without him, but when the temperature is 42c or above, as it has been this week, a car is not a good place for a dog.

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    1. Benji sounds like Tippy. It is pretty sad about the buildings. The people who protest need to have a plan to reclaim/refurbish the building or, as you say, it will just decay and become a safety hazard and get torn down anyway.


    1. We have a really nice walking trail that doesn’t allow dogs because people won’t pick up after them. Geeze! Fortunately, Tippy has plenty of space at home to run around. I’ll just have to venture a little further from home to find interesting places to take her and drive the truck. I don’t think she will mind. 😉

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  2. I love old buildings too but sometimes they can’t be saved. I live near a large old flour mill that needs to come down for safety reasons. Instead of just tearing it down and leaving the land as waterfront parkland (which it is now). Our municipal council has approved a commerical building permit and is allow an office building and 35-car parking lot to be built in it’s place – beside the river. My neighbours and I are fighting it, but unfortunately, appear to be losing.
    Sometimes it’s better no one notices the old buildings and land….
    Yes, my dog loves running (almost everyday) in that park.

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    1. I know that they all can’t be saved. I wish they could….or at least wish their history could be preserved in some way. This particular mill was a big part of the community at one time, and now, it lays in ruins. I will you luck with stopping the new building and preserving your park. I know it will be hard, but, you might just succeed.

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  3. When I was born, my mother got a puppy named Tippy. Tippy was my dog growing up and we went on many adventures together. I, too, love old buildings and in the woods by the house I grew up in there were a few abandonded wood “shacks”. Tippy would go exploring with me and warn me of coyotes or other ‘threats’ on those adventures. This post brought those memories to mind. 🙂

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