The other day, I was sitting at the computer and Tippy was in the bedroom.  I heard a low growl followed by a tentative bark…..grrrrr-ruff.  I thought she might have been sleep-barking, so ignored her.  Then, I hear it again.  Grrrr -ruff.   Grrrr – ruff.

Since she doesn’t bark unless something is amiss, I decided that I had better go check it out.  When I looked, she was staring out the door into the woods.  Grrrr – ruff.  She looked at me and then back into the woods.  Grrrr – ruff.

I walked over to find out what she was unsure about.  I didn’t see anything.  No person, squirrel, bird, etc.  Grrr-ruff.  Finally, I got down on her level so I could see things from her perspective.  And there it was!

Do you see it mom? What is that?!

Do you see it?  The ghost on the porch?

Not an actual ghost, of course, but a reflection of the bed “floating” around.  Grrrr – ruff.  I sat down and reassured her that I saw what she was trying to show me and that it was okay.  She sat on my leg for a minute, looked at me and back out the window a couple of times, and then went on about her business.  If mommy says it’s okay, it must be okay.

So, if seeing is believing, I’m pretty sure that Tippy now believes in ghosts. How about you?





25 thoughts on “DO YOU BELIEVE IN GHOSTS?

  1. I love that dogs have such perceptions about the ‘strange’ things out there. One of my dogs, Daisy, was a wonderful girl but afraid of her own shadow. I had let her out in the backyard, as I always did. A plastic bag had blown up against the fence during the night, I guess, but Daisy saw that, barked and hightailed it back inside. I had to go see what was going on. Darn plastic bag! But she alerted me to something strange. Good girl, Tippy!

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    1. I really am glad that Tippy alerts me to things that she perceives as being “strange.” And, she has been upset by plastic bags too. LOL She usually will stand her ground with most things, until I go find out what it is….had to get the leash and force her to leave a snake once. She was cautious with it, but would not quit barking at it.

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  2. Good girl Tippy for being so alert and keeping everyone safe!💜 I always check when Pearl gets vocal – it is usually a neighbour’s cat stalking a bird in our garden and her short deep barks warn the birds as well as me ☺

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    1. Good girl Pearl. I’m glad you are keeping those birds and everyone else safe! I love that Tippy ONLY barks when something is amiss. I knew that she wasn’t sure about this one by the tentative bark, not her full out howl that she does if she sees a person or, heaven forbid, a person on a 4-wheeler!

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  3. It’s the ghost of the bedroom!

    Choppy is a barker – not at everything, but at everything which she sees as a potential threat, including, but not limited to, doorbells on television, occasional window reflections (apparently she sees ghosts as well!), the cat eating her food, our next door neighbor returning home (even though she knows him), etc.

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    1. Those ghosts are scary, aren’t they, Choppy! At least, Choppy does only bark at perceived threats. I don’t think that is a bad thing, even if they aren’t really threats. At least you know what is going on in your neighborhood.

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  4. lily barks in her sleep as well. otherwise she is usually a quiet dog unless there is someone at the door.
    not sure i would have thought about getting down to her level. probably would have just patted her on the head and said everything was ok. mom doesn’t always listen as well as she should.

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  5. Out walking with Benji he will suddenly stop, stare into what appears to be empty space, then starts barking and growling and there’s nothing there. I don’t really know if dogs can see things we can’t or collectively they do this kind of thing just to freak us out.

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    1. Fortunately, the weather was a whole lot less severe than anticipated. They were calling for winds up to 80 mph, large hail, and lots of lightening. Here at my house, we got a couple of rounds of really heavy rain, but the storms stayed away, so no hard winds, hail, or lightening. We were fortunate. Thanks so much for asking!


    1. That is the first time that Tippy has barked at a reflection. I think it is because I have double paned windows, so, the reflections are at strange angles and move when you move your head. It really did look like the bed was floating on the balcony. I have even had a hard time deciding which side of the house the moon is actually on before. LOL

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      1. Yeah, now that I think about I’ve done the same thing. I remember one time when I was in Macy’s I ran smack into a full length mirror and when I realized it was my reflection I was startled but had to play it off because it was at that exact moment a couple of guys walked by and I had to look like “yeah, I’m cool I’ve got this.” In truth I scared the mess out of myself.

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