The temperature was perfect for Tippy today, low 22°F and high of 56°F, so she was outside almost all day.  I went out to check on her around 3 o’clock and was about knocked back into the house from the sickeningly sweet, distinctive smell of a skunk.  I know that they only spray when they feel threatened or when trying to ward off a rival male during mating season.  I’ve smelled skunk around here for the last couple of weeks and have seen many dead on the roads.  Since the weather has been warmer than usual, I’m assuming that mating season has started early.  So far, we have been lucky and Tippy hasn’t gotten sprayed.  But, I knew it was bound to happen someday.  Unfortunately, today was that day. Skunk – 1.  Tippy – 0.  Me…..I think about a negative 10 since I had to clean her up.

Fortunately, I have cedar oil shampoo for her.  The groomer that I got it from said that it works great on skunk oil, just to be sure and put it on before wetting the dog.  It seemed to work pretty well.  The only problem was, Tippy balked at being drenched in the very cold water coming from the outside faucet. I had to come in and get a bucket of warm water to finish washing her and rinse her off.  I could still smell it and discovered that it was on her collar.  Changed that and washed it.  There is still a faint smell, but think it is just lingering in the air.  Tippy is getting tired of me sniffing her to see if she still stinks.  Hopefully, she’ll be more careful if she encounters another one.

Please stop sniffing me!

Has your dog ever been sprayed?  If so, what do you use to clean and deodorize them?

30 thoughts on “IT WAS BOUND TO HAPPEN

  1. Yes, unfortunately. More than once and more than one dog. Our Vet recommends a cup of apple vinegar, 2 lg pkgs baking soda, one or two squirts dawn dishwasher liquid. In one gallon warm water. Works great, even for big dogs. 🌲

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    1. I’ve heard tomato juice, but google says that is a myth. As CarolMaeWY said, they recommend baking soda, vinegar, and Dawn dish-washing liquid. I may try that tomorrow to get rid of any residual oils that are left.


  2. Poor Tippy! We do not have skunks here and I have no idea what would work. My only thought when reading about baking soda and dishwasher liquid is that this may be harsh on Tippy’s skin and you may have to follow up with gentle skin conditioning shampoo or moisturiser. We wish you luck 🍀and hope the smell will clear up easily ☺💖 xxx

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    1. Thank you so much. I agree that it might be a little harsh on her skin. I may do that and then follow up with the other shampoo. I think most of it is off. I just didn’t do a real good job of washing her head and front feet. I think that is the lingering odor. I’ll work on it after church today.

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    1. I hope she has learned her lesson. She’s pretty smart. But, she may have just gotten mad and want revenge if she sees another one. I hope that is not the case.


  3. Knock on wood, despite spending lots of time in the woods and in the country, Choppy has yet to get sprayed.

    Now, Izzy? Different story. My brother and sister-in-law live in the suburbs of Chicago, and right after they moved there, Izzy managed to get sprayed in their backyard!

    Second Izzy story: My parents were watching Izzy for about six weeks this winter, which meant Izzy was out in the country every day, where we regularly see or smell signs of skunks. No issues. She was back at my brother and sister-in-law’s house in the suburbs for less than 24 hours when she got sprayed again in their backyard!

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    1. Wow! That is amazing that Izzy would get sprayed not once, but twice in the suburbs of Chicago, but not out in the country. Maybe the Chicago skunks have to be more aggressive because their food is in short supply. Glad Choppy hasn’t had the pleasure yet.

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      1. I have no idea why! We’ve surmised that she is more aggressive with them because they are in her yard. Out in the country, she can let them be, because it’s not her place. But that’s just a guess – I’ll have to tell everyone about the chance that the skunks might be more aggressive.

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      2. I don’t know if they are or not. Just a thought. And, you are right. It could just be that Izzy is more protective of her domain instead of leaving them alone. Unless someone actually sees an encounter, we probably won’t know.

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  4. Thank heavens, no but then I’m in the heart of town and only have had visitors in the form of foxes, raccoons, coyotes and a couple of deers variety. No doubt Sam would think a skunk is a odd looking cat and I can’t even imagine his reaction when he realized “wow, that ‘cat’ sure smelled bad.” Hopefully Tippy learned a valuable lesson so you don’t have to go through that again. Fingers and paws crossed.

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  5. Thankfully I’ve not had to deal skunk issues with Mollie but then again she’s a sweetie but a scatterbrain who cannot be let off her leash in the neighborhood. If perchance she or me ever got sprayed I’m pretty sure it would require a 911 call because I’d probably lose my mind. 🤣

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    1. LOL Well, I, for one, am hoping it never happens to you or Mollie. Fortunately, I have read that skunks really do try everything else they can think of to avoid a confrontation before they spray. It is basically a last resort for them.

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      1. I don’t think it bothers them when they spray, because it is behind them and they walk away. However, it must bother them is they are sprayed by another skunk, because it is one of the things they use to ward off other male skunks during mating season. However, they have a limited supply of the spray that takes 10 days to replenish, so they try to save it until it is really necessary. Otherwise, they would be left defenseless. Also, they have horrible eyesight, severely nearsighted. They can’t see more than 10 feet away from them. That is why they get run over on the roads so often. They say, if you encounter a skunk, to walk away slowly and speak softly, and they will leave you alone.

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      2. Awe, too bad they can’t see well but I just know if I ran into one after determining it was indeed a skunk I’d get sprayed because I’d run, scream or both. It’s the drama queen in me. 😆😅

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    1. I washed Tippy outside! She was NOT getting in the house smelling like that. I am very grateful we don’t have porcupines around here. I’ve heard, and seen on vet shows, how horrible that is for the dogs.

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