I love my walks with Tippy, especially in the spring.  All of the trees are budding,  the leaves are beginning to come out, and the grass is coming back to life.  It never ceases to amaze me as to how many different shades of green there are in nature.

What cha looking at?
Mom, are you coming?

I also love all of the little flowers that bloom.  This blue one I’ve always called a bluet, but, when I looked it up, that is not what it is.  If you can educate me as to it’s identity, I would appreciate it.

UBF - unidentifies blue flower
UBF – unidentified blue flower

And, of course, the Red Buds are blooming!  Not sure why they are called Red Buds when the buds are clearly pink, but, they are beautiful.

Since spring is my favorite season of the year, be prepared for more pictures of the wildflowers that we encounter during our daily walks.

What is your favorite season of the year?



32 thoughts on “SPRING!

  1. I have two RedBuds–one on my side yard and one in the back. I just love when they bloom but also when the flowers drop and there is this beautiful pink carpet on the ground. Doesn’t it feel great to be able to finally say, ‘Spring’!

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  2. You move into spring as we move into winter, but here in the arid lands nothing much changes. Green saltbush is still green saltbush regardless of the season. I have always meant to go north in spring and see the carpets of wild flowers in the Flinders Ranges, and perhaps next spring I’ll make it a road trip with Benji. If we lived closer to Adelaide or in and around the farming areas I think I would like spring best, when everything is starting to grow anew and afresh.

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  3. I’m going with your unidentifiable blue.

    I like all season. I think my least favorite is fall. Everything dies. Days get shorter. But I love the stuff that goes with it. Halloween. Sitting around a fire. Spiced hot anything. Octoberfest stuff.

    Summer is the most beautiful when all the summer flowers are in full bloom. Springs flowers are beautiful but there scattered and short lived.

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    1. I guess there is something good about every season. I just love how in the spring everything seems to come back to life and is so “new” looking. I lived in Florida for 4 years and the thing I missed the most was the changing of the seasons.

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      1. I have a friend that lives in Kissimmee and my step family lives near Sebastain, in Palm Bay. Also have some family that lives in Titusville during the winter. It is a small world, isn’t it?

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