On our walk last Sunday, I snapped this weather predicting picture of Tippy.

blackberry vine
I smell cold weather coming.

Those blossoms past her are on a blackberry vine.  We always have a cold snap whenever they are blooming.  Even though I know that, in my heart I was hoping it wasn’t true this year, as it was 85°F (29.4°C) and I wearing shorts.  I was not ready for cold weather again.

Trying to live in the moment, as dogs tend to teach us to do, I was enjoying the warm weather that we did have.  So, we walked on.  A little further back I heard a cow bawling.  For those who don’t live on a farm, cows usually only bawl if something is wrong or they are separated from their baby. As we got closer to her, I saw her coming from my right.  I looked up ahead and, there was her calf, calmly waiting on her.  Before I could snap a picture, they were together.  Calves are so cute, especially when they look so much like their mother.

We’re together. You can leave us alone now.

The next day was windy, but still warm.  I think this bull thought it was hot.  Either that, or he just wanted to go for a swim.

cows in pond
Cooling off in the pond.

The weather got progressively worse and we are now experiencing our annual blackberry winter.  Yesterday’s high was 48°F (9°C), and this morning it was only 38°F (3.3°C).  I’m hoping this one is short lived and we can get back to Spring soon.

Do you have an annual Spring cold snap?  If so, what is it called in your neck of the woods?


23 thoughts on “BLACKBERRY WINTER

  1. We just call it ‘this crazy weather!’ It was humid for one weekend so far, but I refuse to turn on the A/C in April. We had cold, where I had to close the windows and turn off the ceiling fan, and then we had today, where the windows are open but no fan for now. This crazy weather…it’s a wonder more people don’t get sick.

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  2. We just had a spring snap, but I’m not sure if we have a special name for it. It got into the mid-80s this week — and it was so beautiful after such a long winter — but then the entire weekend was non-stop rain. The sun just now came out, but it’s still cool. And here I was thinking I could start wearing shorts!

    By the way, love the picture of the cow and calf. It’s like the bovine version of a Mini-Me. 🙂

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    1. I guess all areas have this spring cold snap. We just name ours. LOL It does seem to happen when the blackberries are blooming each year. We had rain Friday and Saturday. Yesterday was so cold, wet, and windy, I stayed in my PJs all day…just to protest. I think the cow and calf are definitely Mini-Me.

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  3. The picture with the cow and her calf is beautiful! I love the expression ‘blackberry winter’ and we had a cold snap here too at the end of April. I hope it will warm up again soon and much love to you and Tippy ☺💖 xxx

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  4. I was amazed when I moved to southern Indiana and they actually have a spring – like, the weather is nice and you don’t get freeze warnings all the time! We get a lot of springs that mostly get skipped, as we go from winter to summer with very little in between. It’s a good thing our bulbs bloom and the lilacs come out, or we would often have no idea we were actually having a spring!

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  5. 9c – hmmm. Anything below 15c and I am reaching for the switch for the gas fire. In the early morning it’s about 5c and I had boots, track suit, heavy jacket, hat and gloves and Benji has a jacket on. The WaWa has more sense – she just refuses to get outr of bed these cold mornings. Temperatures in the Southern Hemisphere – or at least this part of it – are quite different and what might be mild for you could be quite cold here. It’s about 7c here at the moment and I have the gas fire on. About 30 – 32c is about an average summer temp. here. In Europe a week of that could have serious consequences.

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    1. My heat has been on and I did wear long sleeves and a sweater. We reach the 30 – 32 during the summer here, but it usually doesn’t stay that hot consistently. The WaWa sounds like me, but Tippy loves the cooler weather. She is NOT a hot weather dog. LOL


    1. This is actually a pasture field of my neighbor’s. There are just spots in this huge field that are heavily wooded. At one time, he had cleared a lot of it off, but the cedar trees have taken it back over in places. So, yes, this is normal and where she belongs.


  6. Our weather has been so unpredictable nothing surprises me anymore but I wish it would stay warm. The past few days it’s been in the 40s & 50s rainy and gloomy. The photo of the calf with its momma is so adorable, it looks like they are posing for the picture.

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