On Thursday, I was in the house and heard Tippy barking.  I went out to see what she had found.  I tried to follow her gaze down the hill, but didn’t see anything.  I did hear something big walking, so I went over to the edge of the woods to get a better look.  That’s when I saw it.  A big, black bull.  What in the world was it doing on that steep hill?

I got Tippy inside while I put my shoes on so I could chase it back to where it belonged.  Before I got back outside, it had disappeared.  I tried to get Tippy to help me find it, but she decided laying on the concrete was a better option.  I never did see it again, but did follow it’s tracks for a distance down through the woods.

Mom and dad later checked and all of the cows that were supposed to be in the field were there.  They put up a piece of wire where they thought it had probably gotten out.

Take two.  Today, I was sitting outside, reading, and Tippy started barking.  I looked up and this is what I saw.

Tippy and the bull
Mom. Look what’s up on the hill. He’s huge!

He was back and had brought a friend…..a cow.  Again, by the time I put my shoes on, they were gone.  But, this time, I followed their tracks and heard them smashing through the woods, back down the hill.  Where they went down was really steep and had some fallen trees, so I really don’t know how they managed to make the trek and not get hurt.  We still can’t figure out why they have decided to climb this big hill.  They have plenty of food and water where they are and there is nothing to eat in the woods.  Maybe they are just adventuresome and wanted to try out their mountaineering skills.

After all of the excitement was done and the cows were back where they belonged, it was time to relax and enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

Tippy and the bull2
Time for a little rest and relaxation.


  1. Funny. My cousin has many cows and a couple of bulls, but they seldom go up the steep banks. They tend to stay near the creek and pasture. I guess like people some want a little adventure now and then. LOL

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  2. Wow! That is so cool! We don’t get that kind of excitement here in the city! Can the bulls be aggressive and territorial at all? Or do they just scurry off if they hear noises from the house?

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    1. They can be aggressive, especially if there is a female nearby that is “looking for some action,” if you know what I mean. I am always wary when I am around them. Fortunately, this one just scurried off.

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      1. I know. It isn’t a quick task, especially when you have really slow internet. As you can tell, I didn’t get my post done today. Maybe tomorrow.


  3. While I don’t consider myself a bigtime city chick I’m definitely not familiar with country living either. As I was reading the part where you were going to chase the bull, in my head I’m like noooooooo, don’t do it!! All I could imagine was this ferocious beast chasing you. *Gulp*

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    1. Thanks for trying to “protect” me. I grew up around cattle, so have a healthy respect for a bulls strength. But, they aren’t like the Running of the Bulls in Spain, or anything. They are usually pretty docile. You just have to keep an eye on them and know when it is time to back away.

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      1. Phew, glad to hear that they are docile. So funny you should mention the Running of the Bulls. I caught a glimpse of an article where two people were gored and hospitalized at this year’s event.

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      2. Did you hear about the one guy who was gored on the first day and went ahead and ran the next day too? Talk about a death wish! I think the people who do that are just crazy. Who in their right mind would intentionally get chased by a 2000 pound, mad and scared, animal with huge horns in a narrow street with no way out? Not me!

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      3. No I didn’t hear about the guy that got gored and ran again the next day but I agree that doing it is just nuts. It’s one of those things I just don’t understand and it definitely doesn’t sound like fun.

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      4. I’m such a diehard chicken I won’t even do roller coasters. Somehow I’ve convinced myself I’ll surely die if I get on one.😅 I know it’s an irrational fear but it’s one I can’t shake.

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