Today is a nice, cool, sunny, early fall day here in East Tennessee.  Having some things I wanted to do on my computer, I decided to take advantage and sit outside to “work.”  Tippy decided to join me.  At first, she was very respectful of the fact that I had things to do.

She’s laying nicely beside of me while I check e-mails.
Don’t worry mom. I won’t let that crow bother you while you are working.

That was, however, short lived as she decided that I had been gone too much this week and needed to be paying more attention to her.  Of course, I was happy to oblige.

She did finally have enough and went to lay in the sunshine.

20170930_121650 (2)_01
Okay, I’ll leave you alone for a few minutes.

She came back and jumped up on my lap, looking over the computer, as I was commenting on a blog post.  She may have just  been wanting me to tell Choppy hi for her.

20170930_123036 (2)_01
What’s Choppy up to now?

Tippy and I hope the weather where you are is as great as it is here and that you have a wonderful weekend!



In July, our local affiliate of the Houston Astro’s had Relay For Life night.  My friend, Kelly, and I set up a booth to advertise for our Bark For Life event which will take place the end of October.  As part of that, we were allowed to bring our dogs to the game!  Tippy had a blast.

Outside the ball park
Mom, that’s one big baseball!

I think she thought everyone who came through the gate was there just to see her and give her some lovin’.  I was very proud of how well she behaved and handled the crowd.   She was a great ambassador for the event.


Kelly brought one of her dogs, Kimura, with her.  She and Tippy got along well, except for the one time that Kelly was petting Tippy and Kimura got jealous.  Silly dog.


The Assistant General Manager of the team, Kelsey, was excited to get to see our dogs and get some puppy loving.


We walked around the park, visiting with the fans and watching the game.  One couple commented on how calm she was and wondered if she had always been that way.  Of course, my answer was “no.”  It takes time, work, and a little maturing from the puppy stage.


I hope I get the opportunity to take her to at least one game next year.  Maybe they will bring back “Bark in the Park” night.  Paws crossed.