Today is a nice, cool, sunny, early fall day here in East Tennessee.  Having some things I wanted to do on my computer, I decided to take advantage and sit outside to “work.”  Tippy decided to join me.  At first, she was very respectful of the fact that I had things to do.

She’s laying nicely beside of me while I check e-mails.
Don’t worry mom. I won’t let that crow bother you while you are working.

That was, however, short lived as she decided that I had been gone too much this week and needed to be paying more attention to her.  Of course, I was happy to oblige.

She did finally have enough and went to lay in the sunshine.

20170930_121650 (2)_01
Okay, I’ll leave you alone for a few minutes.

She came back and jumped up on my lap, looking over the computer, as I was commenting on a blog post.  She may have just  been wanting me to tell Choppy hi for her.

20170930_123036 (2)_01
What’s Choppy up to now?

Tippy and I hope the weather where you are is as great as it is here and that you have a wonderful weekend!



17 thoughts on “IT’S FALL Y’ALL

  1. Different hemispheres. Here in the north of South Australia, spring has sprung. For us this generally means, still quite fresh in the mornings and in the evenings, but warm during the day. As the year progresses this will change to warm to hot sunrise to sunset all day, every day. At the moment there is also the early spring winds to contend with , but at least they are not the hot North Winds that will come off the desert in summer..

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  2. So sweet and the weather looks lovely too!🌞 It is raining here and we will head for the forests for our walks today 😉🐕🌲Hope the weather stays good where you are and much love to you and Tippy! ☺💖 xxx

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  3. Looking forward to cooler weather here in Florida. We are having a “tropical event.” Lots of wind and rain. Kodi and Buddy are not fans of this weather. Perhaps they should visit Tippy 🙂

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    1. Come on up Kodi and Buddy! Tippy would love to have playmates come to visit. The weather really is ideal for her right now – lows in the 40’s and highs in the 70’s or low 80’s. Not too shabby for me either. 😉

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    1. Yes. The weather was about the same today. Instead of even trying to work, I just came out and sat, Tippy laid on my lap, and we took a nice nap together. That’s much more fun than work anyway! 😉


    1. If you look closely at my laptop, I was commenting on one of your posts when she came up and looked over – I wasn’t just making that up. LOL Tippy does enjoy sunning herself, which amazes me as her fur sometimes gets really hot to the touch. We hope you are having sunny skies today.

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