When I found out that Tippy and Huckleberry were finally going to meet for the first time since they were puppies, over 4 years ago, I pictured in my mind what the reunion would be like.  You know, the slow motion running to each other, giving doggie hugs and kisses, and immediately playing.  Of course, real life never quite works out that way.

The initial greeting was tentative.  There were lots of polite sniffing and a little bit of low growling.  To get that under control, we took them for a walk together and then came back for the event.  I wonder if our expectations about the meeting produced some unintentional nervous energy?  We were just so excited for them to meet and for us to meet also.

Even though they probably didn’t remember each other, they sure did act like sisters, the kind that have a love/hate relationship.

They initially refused to be near one another.

Tippy & Huckleberry_01
Not going to sit by her. Nope. Not going to happen.
Tippy & Huckleberry 2_01
I’m not even going to look at her.

As Jane and I talked, we did realize just how much alike they are.  They both lay with their paws crossed, dislike most men, hate large tucks, love peanut butter (they placed 1st and 2nd in the peanut butter eating contest), love their back to be scratched at the same place, have allergies, and have similar mannerisms, have a cow lick in the same place, and prefer Frisbees over balls.  Without jealousy, each one loved on the other’s furmom – like we were one happy family of 4.

Eventually, we were able to get them to sit together, even if it was just for the judging of the Biggest Dog competition and a quick picture. Of course, the Great Dane won and Huckleberry came in second, as she is just a little bit taller than Tippy.

Sitting by each other_01_01
Ok. This is close enough. Hurry up with the picture, please!

Everything considered, I think the meeting went well.  We are planning to get together again next month, when they can just play, without all of the distractions, and when Huckleberry isn’t tired from a trip to the beach and riding all morning.

These two pictures show how much alike they are.  What do you think?

Tippy looking away_01_01

Huckleberry looking away_01_01

We did manage to get one good picture of them before they had to leave.

Tippy & Huckleberry in parking lot
Great picture of the two right before they left.

We hope all of your holiday family reunions go as well as this one did…with a lot of love for everyone to spread around, lots of tail wags, some polite sniffing, and only a small amount of growling, if any at all.

38 thoughts on “SISTERS REUNITE

    1. I thought the same thing until I read an article about it that basically said we really shouldn’t expect them too, especially when separated as puppies. People don’t automatically know their siblings when they are separated when young, so why should dogs. I understand this argument, but, with their superior noses, I thought they might have a familiar smell – similar to their own. It’s interesting. We’re hoping their next visit is more playful.

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      1. Ooh I would be looking forward to that post when the sisters next meet! I do hope they feel the bond…eventually! Your observations are good and true. I once met a dog breeder of pedigreed dobermanns. He shared that siblings mate if not separated. He said that dogs and cats don’t recognise each other. Interesting right!

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      2. That is interesting. Or, maybe they just don’t understand that mating with your sibling is not a good idea. LOL I read one article that says that dogs remember other dogs that they grew up with or played with a lot as adults. There was one video of two that were rescued from a neglectful home. Six months later, they were reunited and they were so happy to see each other. So, who knows. Maybe it depends on the circumstances.

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      3. I am so happy to be learning and sharing dog facts with you. I love pets but with an apartment and my crazy work life, it is not good for the pet. It would be cruel in my view as I can hardly take care of self. Hence, my inanimate furball Garfield, who does not pee nor poop LOL!

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  1. It is so lovely that you were able to meet and bring the two sisters together and so funny to see how alike they are. It is possible that at some level they do remember and that they associate their previous togetherness with a less happy time in their lives. It is wonderful that you can now help them create new, happy memories together and it is well worth persevering ☺💖 xxx

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    1. Thank you. I wish you could find your siblings too. Hopefully the next meeting will be more fun – with lots of play and not all of the “forced” activities. And, Huckleberry will be rested up, which I’m sure didn’t help.

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  2. Well, ok – it wasn’t the earth shattering event as you had hopes for – but it seems to me it was pretty good = polite is how I describe it :o) A good start for a first meeting. Next one will be better. Hey after seven years I actually said hello to my sisters when I saw them again – I even gave them a hug.

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    1. Thank you. It was a polite dog meeting and we are hoping the next one goes a lot better. If it does, we’re going to try to make monthly play dates, so, maybe they will become best friends. Wow. You hadn’t seen your sister’s for 7 years?! Glad you said hello and gave them a hug. Sounds a little more friendly than Tippy and Huckleberry. 😉


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