If you have ever had a room painted, you know what a disruption that is to, well, just about everything.  So, when I scheduled a painter to paint my great room, I was worried about how Tippy would handle all of the changes.  My original plan was to have her stay with our trainer, but she was out of town.  I had no choice but to keep her here and hope for the best.

I put her crate and the furniture that could easily be moved in another room.  Once the painter got here, the rest of the furniture was moved to the middle of the room where it, and the floor was covered with drop clothes.

Checking out the new location of her crate.
Furniture all covered up.

When Tippy came inside, I just let her explore at her own pace.  To my pleasant surprise, she walked right in, not worrying about all of the different textures on the floor or the fact that the furniture was out of place.

She got along well with the painter too.  She did bark at him when he came, but quickly warmed up.  By the 3rd day, she just ran to the door when he got here, excited to see him.

Supervising from the bedroom.

At the end of each work day, we would clean up the biggest part of the mess and I would take the drop cloth off of the couch.  We had it set up so that I could still watch TV from there in the evening.  I wasn’t sure where Tippy would want to sleep, since she normally goes from the couch to the loveseat during the night. I expected her to sleep in the bedroom with me, but this is where I found her every morning.

The couch was her spot of normalcy.

It turned out I had no reason to worry, as Tippy just went with the flow.  However, I think we were both glad when the project was complete.

Back on the loveseat.
Awwww! Glad that is over.



26 thoughts on “GOING WITH THE FLOW

    1. It does look really great. We had it painted several years ago and the guy did a horrible job. You just don’t know how much better I feel now that some of the bad spots are fixed. My step-daughter and her family came up last Saturday (posting about that soon), so it was a little stressful getting everything back in place before they arrived. Couldn’t have done that without my mom’s help.

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      1. And, I really was proud of how Tippy handled everything. I thought some of the drop cloths felt weird on my bare feet at night, so she was awesome. I need to quit worrying about how she is going to react to these situations. She always does great.


  1. It’s hard to say which reaction is strongest: a) happy that Tippy adjusted so well, or b) What the Hell? You get to hire painters?!

    Let’s pretend my animal love over shadows my jealousy.

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    1. Hahaha. I have to hire someone to paint my great room, as I have vaulted ceilings that are 18 foot high. No way could I do that by myself. The rest of the house, I’ll try to do by myself at some point.


    1. Hey, I was going to check out your blog site, but, when I click on your url it says that it is no longer available. Is that correct, or is there a problem that you need to check into?


    1. Yes. Painting is not one of those tasks that many people enjoy. Just makes such a mess of everything and disrupts life in general until you are done. On the bright side, once you start you aren’t likely to procrastinate about getting it done. 😉

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      1. Sometimes I think animals are more resiliant than we are. When my ex-husband was doing major renovations to our home my dog and two cats were fine. As a creature of habit, me on the other hand, didn’t handle it so well.

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  2. Hi there Tippy!
    I just stumbled across your blog and I’m glad I did 🙂
    When I first moved in with my pawents they had a room painted and although I enjoyed nibbling on the shoes of the painters.. I really didn’t like the smell!!!
    Hopefully that’s all over and you can relax and enjoy the new painted rooms!
    PS mum really loved it when I rubbed myself up against the freshly painted walls.. maybe give that a go?! 😉
    Lots of licks, your new friend Morrie!

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    1. I’m glad you stumbled across my blog too. My mom hasn’t been blogging much lately, but she hopes to do better next year. This paint didn’t smell very bad at all and it dried really quickly, so it wouldn’t have done me much good to have rubbed up against it. But, that does sound like fun. Tippy P.S. Hope you stop by to see us again.


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