Note:  There is only one picture in this post.  You’ll thank me later.

Tippy doesn’t get sick very often.  When she does, it is because she has either gotten into something rotten she has found or has eaten too much, too quickly.

Back in the summer, we had taken a walk in the back field.  I saw her run up the hill toward the gap in the fence.  When I got there, she was sniffing what appeared to be where something had gotten sick.  I made her get away from it and come in the house.  A few minutes later, she started whining, wanting to go outside.  I thought she was wanting to go do what dogs do, eat the pile of yuck, so I wouldn’t let her out.  A couple of minutes later, I heard her gagging and had a mess to clean up!  I told her I would listen to her from then on.  As she had never gotten sick in the house before, I wonder how she knew that it was something that she should do outside and not in the house?

Fast forward a couple of months and she got sick again.  But, this time, it was more than a one or two time thing.  I had listened and taken her out when she wanted to, so no mess to clean up.   But, again, she showed recognition that she was sick and that she might have to go outside quickly.  How do I know?  She slept beside me, on the floor in the bedroom.  She had never spent the night in the bedroom before and hasn’t since.  That night, she woke me up about every two hours to go outside.  I took her to the doctor the next day.  She didn’t have a fever, so she thought she might have gotten into something that upset her stomach.

If you read my last post, you know that Tippy has had restricted freedom for the last three weeks.  Today, she ran out the door when I was trying to put a box out to be recycled.  Usually she will wait on me, but I think the call of freedom was too great for her today!  I watched, and she took off at full speed under the fence.  It reminded me of a prison break.

She ran in the opposite direction from where the cows are fed in the winter, so I just let her be, planning to go find her if she wasn’t back in 15 minutes.  She returned in fewer than 5.  Since she came back quickly, I decided to let her have a little of her normal freedom back, and left her out for over an hour, checking on her periodically.   She did great, but must have found something to eat while she was out and about because, after we came in for the night, she asked to go back outside and promptly threw up twice.  She has been fine since, so I think getting it out of her stomach was all that was needed.   She is sleeping on the couch now, but, you can rest assured that if she wants to go back outside, I will take her!

20180115_183918 (2)_01Do your dogs know when they are sick and ask to go outside?  I’m curious to know if it is a normal behavior or not.


27 thoughts on “HOW DOES SHE KNOW?

  1. My dogs knew they were sick because they would stand by the back door (my yard is fenced) and I would hurriedly let them out. I knew when one of my dogs was sick because she would start eating grass. Poor Tippy! I hope she is feeling better soon.

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    1. Thank you. She hasn’t had to throw up anymore, so I think she is going to be okay and is over it. I’m glad that your dogs know when they are sick too. It’s interesting to me that they realize it’s something they shouldn’t do in the house. Tippy will eat grass too, but really hasn’t been doing that lately – well, only on 2 particular clumps, so I figured there was some interesting smells on them.


  2. Aw, poor girl. Sending loads of POTP and hope she feel better now. The only ‘getting sick’ around my house comes out the other end and I have spent some nights going out repeatedly shivering in the cold while they tried to clear out their lower intestines.😬 Poor fur-kids. I always feel badly for them when their tummies are upset but they definitely seem to know it needs to be taken care of outside. Hallelujah.

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    1. You have me…what is POTP? She seems to be feeling okay. No more trips outside, thank goodness. I do feel bad for her when she has an upset tummy. But, I’m with you…hallelujah that they realize it needs to be taken care of outside.

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  3. This is gross, but sometimes looking at it to figure out what might be in it helps – if something went down that shouldn’t and came back up. Also, you don’t want any blood in there. Ask to go out? No, the few times my dog was sick he just threw up at will. He’s not concerned about mess.

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    1. I understand that I probably should have looked at it, but throw up is one of those things I have a hard time handling – especially if it smells. I’m liable to contribute, if you know what I mean. Maybe I’ll try to take a look the next time it happens. Puke and snot. Grosses me out just thinking about it. LOL Funny that your dog “isn’t concerned about mess.”

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  4. So sorry to hear about Tippy being sick and I hope she is feeling better. It is very natural for a dog to whine before being sick and ask to go out rather than soil their own den. It is better to look at the content of the sick to see what is causing the problem and this can help you keep her safe from eating the same thing in future ☺💖 xxx

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    1. Thank you. She didn’t have anymore incidents and seems to be fine today. Someone else said I should check the contents. I’ll try to next time, but I am one of those people who gag when someone/some animal is throwing up. I don’t want to contribute to the pile. LOL

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  5. Choppy usually tries to get outside, but sometimes she just gets sick too fast to do so. I always feel bad for her, because she seems to think she did something wrong when she gets sick in the house, even though I’ve never so much as raised my voice at her for getting sick inside. I just feel so bad for her, because being sick is just not fun for anyone.

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    1. I agree. If I recall, Tippy looked pretty upset when she did throw up in the house too, even though I was trying to console her. I guess they just know it’s not something they want to do inside. I agree – being sick isn’t fun for anyone!

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  6. Poor Tippy. I hope she is much better now. And poor you with all the worry. Benji has not, to my knowledge, been sick but we have a magnatic screen door that he can push through and go out and in as he wants. I can’t say that I have seen anything out in the garden.

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    1. She is better. Thanks for your positive thoughts. I’m glad Benji hasn’t been sick, but, if he is like Tippy, he may have eaten the evidence. Gross, yes, but it is just what dogs do.


    1. Yes. I am lucky that she lets me know. Glad your dog hasn’t been very sick. She didn’t throw up anymore, so I’m pretty sure it was something that just didn’t set right with her and, once out of her system, she was okay.

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  7. Poor little muffin. I’m glad that she asks to go out instead of just looking at you and giving you a mess to clean up. Mine are usually pretty good but sometimes for whatever reason, Jack will be ill in the middle of the night. Sometimes he makes it off the bed. Sometimes he doesn’t.

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    1. Eating grass does make them throw up and feel better. I think this day, she was just pretty sick….maybe something she ate I wasn’t aware of. It’s interesting that they understand that they are going to be sick and that it shouldn’t be done in the house.


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