Yesterday was a nice snow day for Tippy and I. There was already some snow on the ground and it continued to fall throughout the day.  As much as Tippy loves to play in it, I decided to let her off leash on our morning walk. She did GREAT!

She waited patiently while I closed the gate so the cows wouldn’t escape.

Waiting to take a walk_01
Hurry up. I want to run!

Well, maybe impatiently.  Then she was off exploring all of the sights, sounds, and smells.  I’m pretty sure she appreciated the fact that she didn’t have to go at my pace.

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She stayed fairly close and came every time I called her.  The fact that she knew she got a treat might have helped slightly.

One of my favorite things about playing in the snow is how cute she looks with a white nose.

Snowy nose (2)
Thanks for letting me play!

Later, while Tippy was taking a nap, I read some of the blogs that I follow.  I was inspired by Becoming a Wild Family to stop procrastinating on a quilting project.  It was originally supposed to be a Christmas present for my nephew eight years ago. I had gotten the quilt top put together, but had barely started on the quilting process.

Tyler's quilt
Log Cabin quilt top

I worked on it periodically for a couple of years and then just put it in the closet. My main problem was the time it took to even get it out and start quilting.  If I didn’t have at least half of a day to work on it, it didn’t seem worth the effort.  I purchased a small quilting frame so I could keep it set up and work on it when I only had 30 minutes or so to quilt.  That might have worked, but, two years later, it was still in the box.  Not now!  Yesterday, I put it together, put the quilt on it, and quilted for a couple of hours!

Got the quilt set up (2)_01

In the frame

My goal is to get it finished by June so I can give it to my nephew and his wife on their 5th wedding anniversary. Yes, I am the Queen of Procrastination, but I am going to do this!

Tippy and I hope all of your snow days are full of fun and productivity!




32 thoughts on “SNOW DAY

  1. Well, sadly, at least I think so, it never snows here, so we wont ever have snow days. Well I really shouldn’t say never, because we could move to another State where it does snow. You never know..

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    1. Thank you! I had started the when he was in college, so it is his school colors. He went to Lincoln Memorial University and they are the Railsplitters, so I did the log cabin pattern. Fortunately, his wife also attended LMU, so no rivalry there. I do love Tippy’s snow nose, but then, I am a little biased.

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  2. The quilt looks beautiful Vicky, I imagine working on it can be very relaxing and enjoyable too ☺ I love Tippy’s snow pictures, she is having so much fun! I hope the snow will give you plenty more lovely walks and wish you both a wonderful weekend ☺💖🐕 xxx

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  3. What a gorgeous quilt top Way to get back to it. A couple of years ago, I finished a quilt had been started 15 years earlier. It’s never too late.

    It’s been off-and-on raining for weeks on Vancouver Island, so I’m glad I brought my sewing stuff with me. You’ve inspired me; maybe I’ll share some quilting stories in future posts.

    Lovely pictures of Tippy having the chance to run and play in the snow!

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    1. Yes. Tippy loves the snow. I’m sorry your humom doesn’t like it very much. Driving in it can be a chore – it’s much harder than just running around and playing it in. Trust me on this one, Mia. Thanks for your compliment on the quilt.


    1. Tippy will disappear on me every once in a while, but is usually back within 15 minutes, or she beats me back. She knows where home is, that’s for sure. Thanks for your comment on the quilt. Just hoping I can finish it. Haven’t had a chance to quilt on it anymore since the day I took the picture. Life is too busy sometimes.

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      1. You’re welcome. Quilting was one craft I never learned. Back in the day I did some knitting, crocheting, macrame, latchhook, needlepoint and the list goes on. I have a few friends who belong to quilting circles and I love the work they do. Hopefully you’ll be able to find some time to continue.

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  4. Quilting is something I always wanted to learn…just the thought of grand ol dames from the past, seated round a quilting frame, laughing, discussing their lives, gave me goosebumps of longing to do the same. Unfortunately, I only have 1 friend who quilts and she lives 3 states away…but I can still dream! Your quilt is lovely!

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  5. What a beautiful quilt! I hope you meet your June goal. Your nephew and his wife will be thrilled to get it, I’m sure.
    I have a quilt that I started 20 years ago, made for my son, who is now all grown up. Needless to say it didn’t get done and still sits in the closet. Although, I did work on it two years ago and almost finished quilting it, but spring came, the outdoors called, and I haven’t been back to it. Sigh.

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