Most of you know that this past Sunday was Mother’s Day here in the United States.  But, it also held another distinction…it was Tippy’s 5th birthday!

In order to celebrate both occasions, we spent the late afternoon at the pond.  Me, mom, and Tippy watched dad fish.  He caught 8, I think – all fairly small bluegill and bass.

20180513_175429 (2)
Just hanging out together.


Hey grandpa, I think there’s a fish right over there.

It was a warm day, so Tippy got hot.  You know what that means….a walk in the edge of the pond to get a drink and cool in the mud.  I laughed at one point, because she ventured out a little deeper than she normally does and started to sit down in the water.  She got one hip in and then popped right back up.  Apparently, water on the tush didn’t feel as good as she thought it was going to.  😮  Still, she got plenty of that nice squishy, smelly mud on her paws and stomach.

It’s my party and I’m smell if I want to, smell if I want to…..

When we got back to the house, Tippy got a couple of surprises.  The first was that she got a nice birthday bath!  She doesn’t like getting washed, but tolerates it okay.  She sure feels and smells a lot better.  She relaxed on the driveway to finish drying off.

Relaxing after having a bath.

Then, her second surprise was her “birthday” gift.  Obviously, I’ve had this for a while and never got around to giving it to her.  Better late than never, right?


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She was tired after running around at the pond, so only played with it a little.  She loves this version of a Frisbee because it is soft in the center and tends to float a little, allowing her to catch it out of the air.  When she was younger, she would destroy these by chewing holes in the center.  I’m hoping she has outgrown that habit and this one will last to give her hours of enjoyment.

It wasn’t anything exceptional or fancy, but we all enjoyed it and I got to spend some precious quality time with those I love.  It really doesn’t get much better than that, does it?


19 thoughts on “BETTER LATE THAN NEVER

  1. Looks like you all had a good day out – even dad got in the act, catching fish. Tippy is looking well and he looks as if he enjoyed his gift. Pity Benji is not a play dog.

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    1. Thank you so much for the birthday wishes! Tail wags and kisses from Tippy. Yes, I had a lovely day. It was hard not to, being a beautiful, clear spring day and spending it with family.

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    1. Thank you for the birthday wishes! Tail wags and kisses from Tippy! Sometimes I think Tippy understands that a bath is going to be in her future when she ventures into the pond, but the benefits, in her mind, outweigh the risks!

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      1. I get the exact same feeling from Choppy – particularly because there are many days where you can see she is contemplating going in one of the ponds around here and clearly chooses not to. Something stops her, and bath is the most obvious answer. Other days, though, there is the stop and then the continuing on into the pond, consequences ignored.

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