Last night, I went out on the porch, planning only to count the skunks and not take any pictures.  But, the squatters came out a little earlier than they had before, so I managed to get a couple of decent photos.  I didn’t get one of all of them because they spotted me and ran for safety.  At least you can see that the mother is almost pure white on the back.

This morning, I let Tippy outside around 8:15.  I heard her pounce on the walkway and bark.  I went to the window and saw her retreating around the corner.  About the same time the odor hit me.  I knew it had happened.  She had gotten sprayed!

I went out to make sure she was okay and found foamy slobbers in the garage floor and her licking her lips like you do when you have tasted something awful and are trying to get the taste out of your mouth.  Other than that, she seemed okay.  I got her a doggie cookie, thinking that might help. It didn’t hurt.

She was lucky that there was only a small slit between the boards.  She seemed to only get a glancing blow, and mostly on the right side of her face and ear. I got her shampoo, a rag, and a tub of water and went back out.  She usually balks at all attempts at a bath, but will tolerate it once I start.  Today, she came right to me. She must have understood that I was trying to make the smell go away.  The groomer who formulated this natural cedar shampoo said that it works great on skunk oil, to just be sure and put the shampoo on the affected area before wetting it so that it can contact the oil directly. I followed her directions and used the rag to give her head a good scrubbing and rinsing.  It seemed to work pretty good.

Since she had been foaming at the mouth, I did call her vet and talk to them.  They said to just keep an eye on her and as long as she was eating and didn’t throw up, she would be okay.  As you can see, she was fine.

relaxing on the porch
I’m okay, mom.

We took the trash off later in the morning, so she could enjoy a ride in the truck.  I did have an ulterior motive, however.  I wanted to get away from the constant odor that permeates the garage to see if I had gotten it all off of Tippy.  When she turned her head toward me, I would get a mild whiff.  So, when we got back from our ride, I gave her a good bath all over.  She was due one anyway.  She wasn’t as fond of that, but survived.  While she was damp, I put some baking soda on her ears and the side of her face.  I’m not sure which thing worked, but I don’t smell anything on her tonight.

I hate to do it, but until the squatter family is evicted, I am going to have to keep Tippy on leash when she is outside.  Hopefully, it won’t be too long before the babies follow mom and we can trap them.


  1. What a nightmare. Skunks are cute but not that close. Maybe Tippy will keep away from them now (but doubtful). I’m off to SuperZoo next week and one of the vendors has a new skunk shampoo. I plan to check it out – take forever for that smell to go away.

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    1. It is awful. I hate to keep Tippy on leash, but I think that is the best idea. I’m sure she would go right back over there, probably trying to get even. But, that is one “fight” she is going to lose every time. Have fun at SuperZoo. Let us know if the skunk shampoo looks like it will work. What I have for Tippy seems to have worked well, this time. That odor does tend to stick around forever. I got some cheap air freshener yesterday for the garage and it smelled a whole lot better out there this morning.


  2. Poor Tippy – to get sprayed and then two baths, As I said we don’t have skunks here so I have no idea what it smells like but I understand from what I read that it is pretty dreadful. Perhaps Tippy was very lucky not to get a full spray – but two baths!!, well one and a bit :o)

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    1. It is pretty dreadful – like a sickening sweet almost. It is hard to describe. I can only imagine what it must smell like to a dog, since their sense of smell is so much keener than ours. And, to be sprayed in the face – directly on the nose….well, lets just say it is a great defense mechanism. And yes, two baths, even if one wasn’t a full one, was almost more than she could bear. LOL


    1. They are cute when the waddle along. But, not when living under your house. LOL I have heard about the tomato juice too, but the latest things I have read said that a mixture of water, baking soda, and a little Dawn dish washing liquid is better. The shampoo I have for Tippy works well too. And, it makes sense to me to put the “soap” on first, since oil and water don’t mix. I guess that is why Dawn work so well.

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      1. Dawn is the go to for lots of things. When my hubby gets grease on his pants at work, or for food stains (which makes sense) I just work in a little dot of Dawn and it works better than some of those other spot cleaners.

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    1. Thank you. I can’t imagine what the smell must have been like for Tippy. It was bad enough for me and I don’t have her sense of smell and didn’t get sprayed right in the nose/mouth.


    1. So far, I am just keeping her on leash when we are outside. I hate doing that, since she is used to running free. But, we’ve done it before and she survived. She’ll survive this time too.

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    1. Thank you. I am just keeping her on leash for now. She isn’t real happy about it…well, she really doesn’t seem to mind at all. I’m the one that hates the fact that I can’t just open the door and let her run free. I think she needs more exercise than I am able to give her most days.

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  3. Oh, gosh, it is memorable(traumatic 😉 ) when a fur baby gets sprayed. I’ve had both a dog and cat have to be cleaned up and it always seems to happen late right before bed or just as you’re heading to work, lol! I cleaned the cat and left for work not even thinking I had absorbed the odor, until my coworkers let me know otherwise – god, how embarrassing!
    Hopefully, Tippy learned her lesson regarding skunks!

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    1. I don’t know. This is the second time she has been sprayed. This time, though, I’m no sure she knew what it was she was barking at and agitating, since they were under the wooden walkway. So, maybe. I can only imagine how embarrassing it would be to show up at work smelling like skunk. I feel for you.

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