Last week was a cold one, with lots of rain. One day it didn’t get above 32°F (0°C).  Today it was sunny with a high of 70°F (21°C).  Tippy and I enjoyed this unusually warm fall afternoon by taking a nice walk back in my neighbor’s fields.

Beautiful day
Gorgeous December Day

I’ve been working a lot lately, leaving before the sun comes up and getting home after dark.  I am fortunate that my mom and dad take Tippy for walks during the day, allowing her to run off some energy.  They don’t go as far as we did today, so I think she enjoyed the extra distance and different smells to explore.

Having fun exploring.
Exploring 2
I think I smell a squirrel.

After our walk, we sat outside for a few minutes.  I was going to read, but Tippy had other ideas.

Lap dog
My lapdog.

She did eventually get down so I got a little bit of reading in before we had to come inside.

Relaxing after the walk_01
Thanks for the walk mom. It was great!

We hope you had a wonderful day, whatever the weather in your neck of the woods.






11 thoughts on “GREAT DAY FOR A WALK

  1. Last week it rained for much of the week. The last week of spring and Mother Nature wanted us to know about it before she moved into summer gear but not before greeting the first day of summer with a violent thunderstorm. Joy !! This week will be nice. It will be 32 c climbing up to 37c on Thursday then back to 32c for the weekend, Still looking after Dougal as his peeps are still in Adelaide Hospital. Wife phoned today and by the sound of things he will be here for another week or more. It’s ok though, Dougal and Benji get on well. Glad you and Tippy are well

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    1. Sounds like Summer is definitely on it’s way there. They are calling for snow showers here tonight, so yesterday was a fluke, for sure. Glad Dougal and Benji are getting along well. Have a great week!

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    1. Thank you, Sherri. I, too, hate having no daylight hours at home. I’m trying to post again. It’s just really hard right now with everything I have going on. It would help if it didn’t take 15 minutes to upload pictures. I really need to figure out how to get faster internet at my house.

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  2. What a beautiful day for a big walk Vicky, Tippy looks so happy out in the sun!🌞 It’s only 4C here but beautiful for walking when we wrap up warm. A very happy Monday to you both and enjoy the rest of your week 🤗🐾💖🐾 xxx

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    1. Thank you! Glad you have sunny, beautiful days for walking too, even if they are chilly ones. I love seeing Eivor and Pearl. Have to get back to catching up on my blogging friends. Hope the rest of your week is fantastic!

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