Today’s walk back in the cow pasture was a little bit more exciting than most.  As we started out, Tippy stopped, gave a serious look, ears back, and took off running as fast as she could.  I was expecting to see the usual squirrel, rabbit, turkey, or deer.  Nope.  It was a racoon!  Not sure why it was out at 3:00 in the afternoon.  It didn’t look or act sick, so maybe it knew a storm was brewing for the night and it needed to get something to eat before it hit.  Here is a stock picture of a racoon, in case they aren’t indigenous in your part of the world.

Raccoon feeding on food provided caretakers at Stanley Park, Vancouver, B.C.
I think they are sort of cute.

Fortunately, trees were nearby and it managed to outrun Tippy to the nearest one and scurry up.

Do you see it?  It was well camouflaged.

racoon in tree
Shew. I’m glad dogs can’t climb trees!


I’ll help you out in case you can’t.

Racoon in the tree
There it is.

Tippy did eventually leave it alone and followed me on back into the hills.  It was long gone by the time we got back.

We also found interesting insects and spiders on some daisies.  The spiders are the Goldenrod Spider which feed on insects that land on the flowers.  They are very well camouflaged too.

To top it off, Tippy either ran through the edge of the pond looking for the racoon, or just waded in to get a drink, but she was pretty nasty from the belly down when we got home.  After getting a drink, she got rinsed off before being allowed in the house.

muddy paws waiting for a drink
Muddy paws? I don’t see any muddy paws?

After that adventure, what was there to do except take a nap on the cool kitchen tile.

cooling it in the kitchen
Awww. That feels soooo goooood!

Did you have any exciting adventures today?

10 thoughts on “WALKING ADVENTURE

  1. We had a raccoon condo in a dead tree in our backyard several years ago. I felt bad taking that tree down, but I could not risk it falling on the house during hurricane season. Yeah, they are kinda cute, though, but I’m glad Tippy did not have to mess around with it.

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  2. That sounds like quite an adventure and we’re glad the racoon found a safe escape in the tree! It looks beautiful and lush with all the fresh green, a wonderful place for walking. Enjoy the rest of your day and please give Tippy a big pat from us all 💖 xxx

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  3. Well, that was an exciting adventure. Our walks are generally less colourful. We hardly ever see Kangaroos around the place these days . I wouldn’t let Benji chase a Kangaroo anyway – they might look sweet and docile but they can be quite dangerous. If Benji was off-leash and chased after a kangaroo and he cornered it – it would kill him without a lot of effort. I like to see them, but we keep our distance. We don’t have raccoons here – at least I don’t think we have.

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    1. I have heard how dangerous kangaroos can be. They have really powerful legs and aren’t afraid to use them. Raccoons can be dangerous too, if cornered. But, this one was out in the open and able to climb the tree. They’re pretty fast when they need to be. Hope you and Benji get out for a nice walk this weekend.

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  4. Great excitement! Glad Tippy didn’t get to it before it climbed a tree. I hear raccoons can be vicious in a fight.
    Wren has been excited over the explosion of chipmunks this spring (last fall was a mast year for acorns, alas, plus it was a mild winter). Their constant ‘chip-chip-chip’ drives me a bit batty. 😉
    She’s a digger, too, so generally comes home dirty. Luckily, her fur seems to shed dirt pretty well. A spell drying out on the deck and a quick brush takes care of most of it.

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    1. Yes. I was glad the raccoon was faster than her. They can be vicious. We don’t have chipmunks here, but I’m sure Tippy would love to chase them too. Glad Wren can just be brushed off and doesn’t need a lot of baths.

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