We received the first snow of the season yesterday. I knew it was coming, but wasn’t really ready for it, as it has been so warm here lately. Well, that’s not totally true. I’m always up for snow, but wasn’t ready for the temperatures to be so cold. It didn’t get above freezing all day.

Fortunately, the snow only laid on elevated surfaces so the roads were clear. That was important because my dad had an early appointment at the VA hospital and I had an appointment to get my CT scan at 11:30. It was dark when we left out at 6:45, so I had to leave Tippy inside. Due to some circumstances beyond our control, I had to reschedule my appointment to 12:45, which meant we would be gone longer than I had anticipated. I didn’t get home until a little after 3:00. I hate leaving Tippy inside that long, but she did great.

If you have been following this blog, you probably remember that snow is Tippy’s favorite thing. It was still really cold, but I felt bad that she had been cooped up in the house all day, so I bundled up and took her for a walk back in the neighbor’s field. Sometimes, I will do a mile loop and sometimes half of that. I thought it was funny that at the potential turn around point, she turned to look at me as if to ask if we were going on or turning around.

Are you coming?

The snow was really pretty on the trees and she enjoyed sniffing at places where I imagine a rabbit or some other critter had found shelter for the night.

Humm. I think something was sitting here.

I love to take snowy close up pictures. I think it is interesting how the trees hold onto the snow. The little pine cones in this one were a bonus.

You would think that Tippy would have been at least a little tired when we got back, but instead she went into her wild crazy dog mode. She started with gabbing a big stick out of wood pile and running around and around and up and down with it. I think she was wanting me to chase her, but that wasn’t going to happen. When she tired of that, she decided that pulling up mouthfuls of my periwinkle would be a fun thing to do. After I yelled at her convinced her to stop that, she found an old plastic flower pot that was sitting in the middle of the periwinkle, pulled it out, and proceeded to rip it to shreds. She threw the bottom portion up in the air and chased it. That part was actually pretty comical to watch. Then she ran around and around in circles. When she acted like she wanted to come in, instead of letting me dry her feet, she decided the towel was a tug of war toy. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a lot of pictures because the phone kept turning off. It still had 30% battery, so I’m thinking it was just too cold. Here are a few that I did get. The first one is the calm before the storm. LOL

I don’t know if it was the snow, or being cooped up all day, or a combination of the two, but she was truly a wild crazy dog. She did get on my nerves a bit, but I couldn’t stay mad at her long. I mean, who could be upset with this face.

What do you mean when you say I’m a crazy dog?

11 thoughts on “FIRST SNOW OF THE SEASON

    1. She was having fun for sure. I really sort of love it when she’s crazy since she’s 7 already. She acts like a puppy sometimes. Pulling up my periwinkle and destroying the flower pot were a little irritating though. LOL


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