Last night, I accidently hit the lid of my laptop, making a weird noise. Tippy came running to see what was going on, but she was sure that the noise had come from the garage. Based on her looks and actions, this is the conversation that ensued.

“Tippy. It was just me. I hit the computer. See?” as I tried to imitate the sound.

“But mom. I’m sure it came from the garage. I believe you think you know what it was, but my ears are much better than yours. I really need to check it out.”

“Tippy. I promise you. It was the computer.” I pleaded.

“We really need to check, just to be sure.” she said as she looked toward the door.

“Okay. Come on.” I gave in because I knew she wasn’t going to give up.

We walk over, I turn on the light, and open the door. She stood in the doorway, listening and looking around.

I don’t see anything.

“You were right. There was nothing there.” she says as she turns around to go nonchalantly back to her spot on the couch.

I was glad that she let me know she thought something was awry. I do think it is funny that she won’t give up until she checks it out herself. She has done something similar before, but it usually involves a lot of barking. It’s really bad if someone on TV knocks at the door. Even though the TV is not in the same direction of the garage, she runs to it, barking. (This is the door where most of our visitors enter. There is no door bell, so they have to knock.) I have to let her inspect before she is satisfied that no one is there and all is well. She really is a good dog.

I gave her a treat for posing for the above recreation – I didn’t have the camera handy last night. This the only way I can get her to look at the camera.


    1. She really is a good girl! I’m so glad she doesn’t just bark, or act weird, for no reason. I know something is going on when she does. It may be a buzzard flying overhead, but it is something. LOL

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  1. I do likewise with Benji. Generally there is something there and he did hear a noise as we see the intruder take off then up and over the back fence. I should have said I have five cats – oh,,,, wait a moment, I don’t —- my neighbour has five cats. So in our case, yes Benji generally hears something and it’s usually one of the cats. I liked both photographs of Tippy. I love the way she looks into the camera. Benji generally turns his head away.

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    1. Tippy usually turns her head too. I treat works wonders. If I don’t have one, she can be staring at me. As soon as I start to snap the picture, she turns her head. LOL Tippy doesn’t like cats, so she would be going wild if there were 5 here. Glad Benjii lets you know when something is around too.


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