I’ve been away from this blog for a long time, again. Sorry to my followers and the one’s that follow.

I have had some computer issues lately and had to have it worked on. They had to reinstall Windows, which means that I have to relog into all of my accounts. When I logged into this one, low and behold I had a notification that this is my 6th year anniversary of the site. I thought that was a weird coincidence.

There really hasn’t been a lot to post about anyway. She is continuing to do well with the medications that were prescribed for her. We did add a glucosamine and chondroitin chew which she loves and seems to be helping. She is more puppy like again.

I have been working way too much, but right now the daycare where I substitute had some teachers quit and they fired two, so they are 5 teachers down, I’m the only sub, and they can’t find any replacements. Some schedule interviews, but didn’t show up. People just don’t seem to want to work these days.

Otherwise, things are going well. Mom is doing much better than I expected after dad died. The anniversary of that is coming up on the 16th, so we are both a little more emotional than usual. The holidays are different this year, but we are making the best of it.

Tired after a long run

No promises, but I will try to do better. I hope you are all doing well and have a great weekend.