I’ve been MIA for a while. Sorry. I try to do better, but seems that “life” steps in and changes my plans.

Anyway, I couldn’t let today go by without posting a couple of pictures of Tippy. Today marks 8 years since I brought her home. It doesn’t seem possible that it has been that long already.

She is doing good, but I did find out a couple of months ago that she has a hypoactive thyroid and some arthritis in her back. She’s doing great on the medications they prescribed for her. I’m very thankful. But was hard to hear those words, “Well, at her age….” already.


To celebrate, we took a walk into the neighbor’s field and then she got her favorite treat, a nearly empty peanut butter jar.

Yumm. I love peanut butter! Thanks mom!

Tippy and I hope you all are doing well.


I gave Tippy a near empty peanut butter jar to finish off.  I looked over a few minutes later and this picture of pure contentment made me smile.  Hope it does you too.

20180530_140100 (2)
Aww. This is the life!


To my blogging friends, I couldn’t find the link to the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop today.  Anyone else having this issue?


Did the title to this post get your attention?  Let me explain.  I found out that the nearest PETSMART store (an hours drive) was having photo ops with Santa this past weekend.  I wanted to take Tippy, but was a little concerned about how she would do with this strangely dressed man.  Would she decide he was “out of place” and start barking at him?  Would she be terrified of this man in the red suit with funny hair and beard?  Despite my concerns, I decided to take her.  So, on Sunday afternoon, we set out for her first visit to Petsmart and her first meeting with Santa.

About half way there, I suddenly realized that CATS ARE PETS TOO!  We aren’t going to a Dog-smart, but a Pet-smart.  That would include cats!  Would people bring their cats to get a picture with Santa?  Probably.  How is Tippy going to react to them?  Tippy hates cats!  I prayed the rest of the way there that all of the cat lovers had stayed home.


I am happy to report, all went well.  There were a couple of cats there, but their owners were holding them, so I’m not even sure that Tippy noticed.  There were way too many more important things to pay attention too.  So many smells, sights, and other dogs, both big and small.  She seemed to get along with all of the other dogs, except one.  There always seems to be that one dog in the group that is not happy with being greeted.  We just walked away and all was good.

If that dog can do it, so can I.

When it was our turn to take a picture with Santa, I was surprised that she walked right up to him.  However, when he/we tried to get her to turn around and face the camera, she was having nothing to do with it.  She was scared.  You don’t just turn your back on something that looks like that!  I sat beside her and she calmed down some, so the lady told me I could be in the picture too.  I sat down beside of Santa and Tippy climbed up on my lap.  Here is the result.

I’ll just sit right here on your lap, okay?

After the picture we walked around to see what we could find that we needed.  Everyone who saw Tippy wanted to love on her and commented on her eyes.  Most people loved them, but one little boy, about 5 years old, petted her and then told me that her eyes were “creepy.”  A couple of other kids asked me why her eyes were different colors.  They are definitely a conversation starter.

People would ask me her name.  I would tell them and then want to show them the reason for that name.  I had to grab her tail to stop it from wagging at a million miles an hour so they could see the tip of white at the end of it. She was so happy with all of the attention!  The only time her tail stopped was when she was laying down.

Relaxing in the leash/collar isle.

One of the employees helped me find a grain free food to try and also gave me coupons for a free can of pumpkin puree and money off of a bag of sweet potato & chicken jerky wrap treats.  Oh my gosh, does she love those treats!  At the checkout, the cashiers also loved on her and gave her a couple of treats.  I’m pretty sure she wants to go back there.

On the way home, we stopped at Lowes to do some Christmas shopping.

Mom, I think he’ll like that one over there.

We could certainly tell the difference in the attitudes of the people between the two stores.  While everyone at Petsmart was an animal lover, that was NOT the case on this trip to Lowes.  Tippy walked toward a little man, not an employee, and I saw his eyes fill with hatred.  I really thought he was going to haul off and hit her, even though he made no move.  It was just his attitude.  I said, “Come here Tippy.  Not everyone likes dogs.”  and she walked away.  He said nothing, but if looks could kill, we wouldn’t be here today.

In the check out line, we did meet a couple of men who were dog lovers.  They both had dogs of their own and thought Tippy was great.  While we talked about their dogs, and dogs in general, they played with her.  One petted her backside and the other squatted down and scratch her behind her ears.  She is getting better with men, in general, and was very happy with these two.

It was a good day.






This past Sunday, Tippy and I participated in our local Bark For Life, a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.   The turn out was pretty good, about 18 teams of dogs and their humans, considering this was the first “Bark” in our county.  We plan to make this an annual event, so hope it will grow as more people find out about it.

Since it is close to Halloween, there was a costume contest.  Tippy has no costumes and I’ve been very busy, so I made her one at the last minute.  Do you know what she is?

Mom, this costume is puzzling.

I thought it was cute, but apparently the judges liked the bought costumes better.  LOL

We had a “Strut Your Mutt” parade where we all took a couple of laps around the track while the judges scored the dogs for awards to be given later.  Afterwards, we had fun activities for all of the participants. We were able to show off tricks, compete in vocal performances (best bark), had a doggie limbo, jumped through hoops, licked peanut butter off of a spoon, and found hidden treats.  Tippy was the first one to find a hidden treat and, of course, won the race to lick the peanut butter spoon clean.  She was also one of the two dogs that jumped through all 3 hula hoops and crawled under the lowest limbo setting.

All gone.

Tippy got along with most of the other dogs.  She did growl some, but I’m pretty sure most of that was a play growl and not trying to be mean or anti-social.

We had a great time and are already looking forward to next year.  I need to come up with new tricks for her to do though.  Any suggestions?  Right now, she does the basic stuff:  sit, down, roll over, crawl, and high five.

After all of the judges votes were in, Tippy won 3 prizes:  1st – Best Tail Wag, 2nd – Best Trick, and 1st – Fundraising.  With her awards and the goodie bag everyone got, she had quit the haul.

Mom, Look at all of the stuff I got!


I love the Pet Album.  Tippy loved the squeaky toys.

I think she had a good, tiring day.

All lined up in a row.