Mom and I went to visit the neighbor’s and the puppies today. I know dogs grow fast, but I was surprised at how much bigger they looked today than when they were born just 8 days ago! Esther, the mom dog, is being really good. Ms. A. said that she was really protective of them the first couple of days. Now she could care less if you bother them and is already getting tired of feeding them. Bless her heart.

A lot of the spots we thought were black are actually partially brown, more so on the first born. I think I like that better than solid black.

The face of this one is too cute. I can’t decide if it looks like a little polar bear or an old man.

When I got home, Tippy was very inquisitive as to where I had been and why I smelled like puppies.

Then, I noticed another sign of Spring. My periwinkles are blooming. I guess it’s time to get the leaf debris off of them.


My first trial with Star lasted less than a day.  Not because it didn’t work out, but because I wound up working the next day and didn’t want to leave her in the crate for 8 + hours.  So, the trainer came and took her back.  Since then, I have been crazy busy working, volunteering, playing tennis, and going on vacation for a week.

I went by and picked up Star for take two of the trial this past Thursday afternoon.  Tippy was NOT happy when she first got out of the car.  I don’t know if it was the fact that Star got to ride and she didn’t, or if it was the close proximity of a delicious bone that Tippy and I had a round over the day before.  At any rate, I got the bone and threw it away, untied Tippy, and all was well.  I laughed at them with one of Tippy’s old bones.  Star would get it and chew on it for a minute, leave it, Tippy would get it, leave it, Start would get it, leave it, etc.  I think they really didn’t want it, just didn’t want the other one to have it either.  LOL

Tippy, Star, and the bone
Okay Star. You can have it for a minute, but don’t forget, it IS mine.

She has gotten a taste of what it will be like living with me, as I went that evening and played tennis and then worked for a few hours yesterday afternoon.  (I substitute teach at a local daycare, so never know when I will be needed.)  While I was gone, I left her and Tippy in their crates.

I thought I was going to play tennis after work yesterday, so had mom and dad come up to do a trial run of taking both dogs for a walk.  I had dad to get Star out of her crate.  At first, she was afraid of him, barking and cowering at the back of the crate.  They had been here when I had her before and she was okay with him.  Not sure what the fear was about unless it was the fact that he started coughing when he bent down to put the leash on her.  After the initial fear, and she was out of the crate, everything went well.  It rained, so I didn’t get to play tennis, but mom and dad had already taken them for a walk before I got home.  They said she did great.  This, too, is part of living with me, so it was good for all concerned.

I am leaning toward keeping Star, but today Tippy seems unhappy that she is here.  So, I am still on the fence.  What has Tippy done to make me feel that way, you may be asking?  Well, it started this morning.  When I got up, Tippy was laying under the window in my bedroom.  The bedroom has been a “no Tippy zone” ever since she has been an inside dog and she has respected that boundary, for the most part.  She has never been in there at night.  I am thinking that she was wanting space from Star, even though Star was in her crate and not making any noise.  I found her laying in there later this morning too.  I laid down with her, talked to her, and petted her.  She just seemed sad.

I have been outside with them a lot today and Tippy is mostly ignoring Star, who just wants to be as close to me as possible.

Star at my feet
Star, laying at my feet.

Tippy has come by for some lovin’, but has mostly been standoff-ish.

If it were a question of just adopting Star and Tippy wasn’t involved, there would be no hesitation.  But, I’ve had Tippy for 3 years and part of my wanting to get another dog was to give her a companion when I’m gone.  If she is going to be unhappy, I will have to say no, as much as I hate to.  I wonder if Tippy will ever get over the jealousy, and, if so, how long it will take?

I am busy again all week next week, so the trainer is going to come this afternoon to take Star back to her house.  After that, I have already told the daycare I can’t work for two weeks because I have to do all the last minute things that need to be done before our Relay For Life event on June 11th. I will probably to a take three then and see if Tippy comes around.    (BTW, Tippy wanted in the house a few minutes ago.  So I let her in and Star and I stayed outside.  That is so unlike her.)

If you have gotten a second dog and had to deal with jealousy, I would love to hear your story.