Mom and I went to visit the neighbor’s and the puppies today. I know dogs grow fast, but I was surprised at how much bigger they looked today than when they were born just 8 days ago! Esther, the mom dog, is being really good. Ms. A. said that she was really protective of them the first couple of days. Now she could care less if you bother them and is already getting tired of feeding them. Bless her heart.

A lot of the spots we thought were black are actually partially brown, more so on the first born. I think I like that better than solid black.

The face of this one is too cute. I can’t decide if it looks like a little polar bear or an old man.

When I got home, Tippy was very inquisitive as to where I had been and why I smelled like puppies.

Then, I noticed another sign of Spring. My periwinkles are blooming. I guess it’s time to get the leaf debris off of them.


You may remember my neighbor’s dog, Esther, who came up for a couple of playdates with Tippy last year. (See my June 28,2020 post. Sorry, but I haven’t figures out how to link the page with the new WordPress editor. I’ll work on that.) The owners were planning to get her spayed after her first estrus cycle. Unfortunately, they had her outside and the neighbor’s pit pull came over and….well, you can guess the rest of the story.

Today was the day that the puppies chose to come into the world. The family are Seventh Day Adventists, so everyone but mom, I’ll call her Ms A., went to church this morning. That was probably good since the 5 and 2 year old would have been too much for Esther to handle while trying to deliver. When I found out, I decided to go down in case she needed any help and just to witness that miracle of birth.

When I got there, she already had three puppies. She got up from where she was laying and came over for me to pet her. Ms A. was really surprised because she had been growling at all of the family if they got anywhere near the box where she was laying. I guess she remembered me and likes me. Who knows.

She went back to her corner and about 30 minutes later the fourth one was born. It amazes me how they have the instinct to clean up the puppies and that the puppies have the instinct to crawl around until they find the milk supply. Here is number 4 right after it was cleaned and all of them eating. Can you guess which one is the oldest and which is the youngest?

I went back later to see if there were any more puppies and just to visit with the family. There were no more. Four was all she had. She is being such a great mom. The older one was already trying to explore his surroundings. The two with black spots are male and the two that are mostly white are female.


I am looking forward to watching them grow and getting to play with them a little bit before they find them all forever homes. I’m sure you will see lots of pictures in the coming weeks.


Here is the fourth and final installment of Tippy Wisdom.  Hope you have enjoyed them.

Tippy Wisdom #11: Make sure your last word to anyone (or any dog) is a positive one. (My trainer told me this at our first training session. So, if I am working on something with Tippy and she is having a hard day,  I do my darndest to make sure she has a success before we quit so we can end on a positive note.)

Tippy Wisdom #12:  Sometimes you unintentionally hurt the ones you love.  When Tippy was a puppy, those little teeth and claws were sharp.  At the time, she was an outside dog, so I kept hydrogen peroxide, triple antibiotic ointment, and band aids by the door to doctor my scratches and accidental bites every time I came in the house.  I must have looked like I had been in a fight, and lost, most days.

Puppy with sharp teeth and claws
Sorry I hurt you mom. I didn’t mean to.

Tippy Wisdom #13: When dealing with a frustrating situation, getting upset just adds bad energy and makes things escalate. Calm assertiveness is the best way to handle things. Dogs (and I believe children) can sense your energy and will feed off of it – whether calm or excited.

Tippy Wisdom #14: A tired puppy is a good puppy! I think, for the most part, this goes for humans too.

A tired puppy
Sleeping like a baby.

Tippy Wisdom #15: Don’t worry about what other people think of you. Be your own unique person and do things your way.

Relaxing her way
Relaxing her own way.