This past Monday, Tippy and I were invited to be on the local news, with my friend Kelly and her dog Kimura, to promote Bark For Life, an American Cancer Society fundraiser that she and I are putting together.

Tippy was excited until she found out she had to take a bath in order to look her best.  Since it was for a good cause, she tolerated the dreaded water torture.

We had to be at the studio at 9am.  It’s a little over an hour drive, so we got up early on Monday morning and took off.  I don’t know if Tippy knew what she was in for, but she was definitely more relaxed than I was on the drive.

20171023_080323 (2)
Loving the ride.

Once we got there, we walked around a little bit to burn off some of Tippy’s energy.  Fortunately, the rain they were calling for hadn’t started yet.

20171023_083937 (2)_01_01
Mom, what are all of those big round things?

The doors to the studio are locked, so you have to ring the doorbell and wait to be let in.  I’m pretty sure the receptionist was not expecting to see a dog and, from her reaction, or lack thereof, she is NOT a dog person.  Tippy couldn’t understand why she didn’t want to pet her and didn’t react positively when she put her paws on her desk.  Some people!

We were told to go to the waiting area and she would let them know we were there. Kelly and Kimura came in a couple of minutes later.  That’s when things went downhill.  Tippy went to greet her. At first, all was good.  But then, Kimura gave a little growl and Tippy was NOT going to back down like Kimura’s sister does.  I had Tippy walk away, but she started her full blown barking that she does when a perceived intruder is in the area.  This is not looking good and we were just hoping that the newsroom had great sound attenuation.

I got her to calm down, but if Kimura moved toward her, she would start barking again.  So, we tried “walking together” up and down the hallway.  For the most part, that went well, with only a little growling as they passed each other.  We went back in to the room and they had a few moments of tolerating each other.

20171023_090051 (3)
Okay mom. This is close enough.

Two young ladies came in to wait for their segment.  Kimura hid under the table.  Tippy went over to greet them, but, when they reached out to pet her, she gave a low growl and walked away.  The ladies were dog people, so that didn’t bother them at all.  We all thought it was funny that she went over “to be petted” and then growled when they tried.

She laid down for a few minutes and then got up and laid her head on my lap.  I was petting her when Kimura inched her way toward us.  Tippy went into full blown protective mode with the really mean bark that she has.  Geeze.  Really?  When I realized that she thought she was needing to protect me, or claiming me as hers, I had her to lie down beside of me.  That calmed the situation and they were good until it was our turn to be interviewed.

20171023_090412 (2)
I’ll just lay right here and wait.
Is it time to go yet?

Kelly and I were very worried that we were going to have a real news story with headlines reading something like, “Dog Fight Breaks Out On The Morning News.”

They calmly walked into the studio.  We only had about 30 seconds to get them situated before the interview began.  Tippy decided to lay with her back to the camera.  With everything that had happened between these two in the waiting room, I decided I wasn’t going to try to get her to turn around.  As long as they were calm, we were happy.  Here is the link to video of our segment.    If you listen all the way to the end, you can hear the news lady talking to Tippy.  As soon as the camera was turned off, she had gotten up and turned around to get some lovin’ from her.

There were no more intolerant moments between the two.  We are going to try to walk them together some at one of our local trails and see if that helps them get along better.

Apparently, keeping yourself off camera as much as possible is very hard work.

20171023_103354 (2)
Mom, that was exhausting!

Bark For Life was originally scheduled for tomorrow.  The weather is supposed to be awful – raining and a high of 43° F (6.1° C), so we postponed it a week.  I’ll be sure to create another blog post afterwards and let you know how she and Kimura gets along.







July 11th marked 4 years since I brought Tippy home from the local humane society.  It seems like it was yesterday, but also feels like she has always been here.  I can’t imagine my life without her.

The day started off with a continuation of the cow saga as I found them out again.  Tippy “defended” the house while I made sure they got back into the pasture field.  Later that day, my neighbor and dad were able to find out where they had gotten out and added some fencing.  So far, knock on wood, they have stayed where they belong.

Cow and bull in the garden
But, this grass is greener!

We took our normal 20 minute walk fairly early, before it got unbearably hot.  Tippy cooled off in the garage while I continued walking the driveway to get in 30 minutes of exercise. The fireplace hearth seemed to be the best place to finish cooling off before taking a much needed nap.

To celebrate her adoption day, I gave her a peanut butter/carob Puppy Sucker.

Puppy sucker
Puppy Sucker treat for Tippy.

She heard the cellophane crinkling – the universal signal that a treat is coming, and was very excited about whatever it was I had behind my back.

waiting for the sucker
I know you have something for me, mom.

When I first gave it to her, she wasn’t sure what it was.  However, it didn’t take her long to realize it was food and figure out how to eat it.  It was gone in 3…2…1, literally.  Once she got it in her mouth,  it was totally gone in 3 minutes.


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To top off the day, she went with me to play tennis and made some new friends.

It was pretty much a perfect day.  One with a little excitement, some exercise, a good long nap, a special treat, and a car ride!  It doesn’t get much better than that for Tippy!


We say that something is “Just what the doctor ordered.” when we get something that makes us happy.  Well, in this case, the “doctor” was a mechanic and I think Tippy may have paid him off for his prescription for keeping my truck in good running order – drive it a lot more.  At least 20 miles a week.  (Its 27 years old and only has a little over 52,000 miles on it.)  I have tended to let it sit a lot longer than it should because it gets horrible gas mileage.  Since it is now fixed and in good running order, I am going to do my best to follow “doctor’s orders.”

Today, we took off the trash and then, to get a few more miles in, took a field trip to Bible’s Covered Bridge.


According to the Tennessee Department of Transportation website, this is one of only four existing covered bridges in the state of Tennessee.  It’s pretty cool that it is in my neck of the woods.  I was saddened to see that people had painted graffiti all over the inside, but am happy that they have yet to “attack” the outside.

Get the picture already. I have things I need to sniff.

An historical marker has been erected since the last time I was there.  The picture on the marker is what the original bridge looked like – the one I remember as a kid.  We used to go fishing underneath it every summer and, as I recall, caught some pretty good sized catfish.

The back of the marker gives historical information about the bridge.  I got a picture, but because of the angle of the sun, it didn’t turn out very well.  So, the basics are that the Bible family settled in the area in 1783 on a land grant from North Carolina.  In 1923, a direct descendant of the original settlers had the bridge built in order to gain access to the main road without having to ford the creek.  The cover was put on the bridge in order to protect the timbers from the weather, and, therefore, make it last longer.

(I think Tippy looks like a kid that isn’t interested in history being forced to tour a museum.)


I tried to get a good picture of Tippy and the bridge.  Below are three shots taken about 5 seconds apart.  She would NOT look at the camera!  I guess I should remember to take treats next time.

She did enjoy exploring the area.  It’s always exciting to investigate new sights, sounds, and smells.



I am going to take the truck to have it worked on tomorrow.  In preparation, I went out late this afternoon to get some things out of the console and make sure I had the correct keys.  (It is a 1990 model so does NOT have a key fob.  Instead, it has two keys; one key for the ignition and another to lock the doors.)  Tippy assumed all of this action involving the truck meant an impending ride.  She was waiting patiently.


I finally coaxed her out of the garage to go potty before coming in for the night.  I always have her go potty before we take a ride, so, when we came back into the garage, she took up her position by the truck.  I could see the disappointment on her face when I told her we weren’t going anywhere and made no move to open the door.


When I had her come in the house, she realized her hopes had been dashed….for today.  Who knows what tomorrow might bring.  We can always dream.




Today, Tippy got to do one of her favorite things…..go for a ride in the truck.  We haven’t done this since Christmas of 2015, when the truck hesitated as I started across a 4 lane highway with a car coming.  That incident scared me, so I parked the truck until I could get it worked on.  I still haven’t had it serviced, but decided I needed to see how it was running so I could take it to the shop, eventually.  I charged the battery, and off we went, with my dad by the phone in case we had problems.  It ran like a charm and Tippy was very happy!

Mom, Stop taking pictures and let’s get this show on the road!

She likes to ride in the car, but loves riding in the truck.  I decided today it is because I relegate her to the back seat in the car, but she gets to sit “up front” in the truck, where she can see everything better.

I wasn’t able to get a picture of her which showed how truly happy she was.  She showed it, but, as I was driving, I couldn’t get that perfect picture.  We drove down by the river and back home.  No need to stop anywhere.  Riding is what she likes the best.  I imagine, for her, it is like watching a 3-D movie with smell-a-vision.

The title of this post is from The Sound of Music, of course, so here is what I think Tippy’s version of “My Favorite Things” would sound like :

Truck rides in summer and car rides in winter
Gravy on kibble and walks by the river
Chasing a squirrel up an oak tree in spring
These are a few of my favorite things.

Cuddles with mommy and soft, fuzzy blankets
Pumpkin and winter and treats in big baskets
Running around in big circles like rings
These are a few of my favorite things.

When the cat bites, when the bee stings
When I'm feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don't feel so bad.

I hope you all get to do some of your favorite things today!


There is not going to be a Take 3 on the trial with Star.  I made up my mind in an unexpected way yesterday morning.

I had planned to get Star today, try it for a couple of weeks and see how it went, then, had every intention of keeping her if things went well. I had even bought a new crate, water bowl, and feed bowl for her before her visit a couple of weeks ago.  Yesterday morning, I took Tippy out for her morning walk and told her, “Today may be the last day that we have with just the two of us.”  Surprisingly, as soon as those words came out of my mouth, I felt very sad.  I shouldn’t feel sad if it is the right thing to do.  I should feel excited about getting a new puppy. Right?   I knew then, that my decision had to be “no,” but kept mulling it over.

Today, I had to work for a couple of hours.  Afterwards, I went for a visit with Star and talked to the trainer (A.C.) who is currently keeping her.  We talked it out and here are some of the points that have led us to both agree that it just isn’t the right time for me to get a puppy.

  1.  My lifestyle.  Right now I am working a lot, play a lot of tennis, and volunteer a lot.  I really don’t have the time and energy that is needed for puppy training and playing.
  2. Traveling.  Tippy travels well and I can take her places with me.  She especially enjoys going with me to play tennis.  Star gets car sick and/or drools like a Mastiff when she rides. A.C. says she will grow out of that, but for now, riding for her is not pleasant.  So, I would have to leave her at home and either leave Tippy too, or take Tippy and leave Star alone.  While A.C. said that would be okay, I really don’t want to do that to either of them.
    I love to ride mom. Thanks for taking me where ever it is we are going.

    At the tennis courts
    You’re doing great mom!
  3. Why?  The main reason I wanted another dog was to give Tippy a companion when I am not home.  A.C. and I discussed this and, as much as I hate to admit it, I realized that was my only reason.  It wasn’t so I would have another dog to love and do things with.  (Not that I wouldn’t have loved Star.  I’m sure I would.  It just wasn’t my reason for wanting her.)
  4. Tippy and I are good together.  She’s happy.  I’m happy.  We know each other.  I don’t have to worry about her.  If she wants outside, I can just let her out and know that she will go do her thing and be back in a few minutes.  If she wants back in the house, she lets me know by looking in my bay window.  If she wants out, she snuggles my hand and goes to the door.   She adapts to my crazy schedule.  Why throw in another dog and potentially mess with that?
    Looking in the window
    Mom, I’m ready to come back in now.

    While I feel a little guilty about not taking Star, I am confident that I have made the right decision.  I am hoping that A.C. will keep her.  She is considering it, as one of her dogs is 16 years old and in failing health.  If not, I know that she will make sure Star gets to a good, loving home when the time comes.  In the meantime, Tippy and Star will still have play dates and sleepovers.  It just won’t be permanent.


When I first got Tippy, she was scared to ride in the car.  In order to get her over that, I started taking her fun places, like the tennis courts.   Fortunately, that worked and she now loves to ride!

One of Tippy’s favorite places to go is the local “convenience center,” which is where we take our garbage.  I always go in the truck and we never just go to take off the trash.   What could be a 5 minute chore always turns into at least a 20 minute adventure, as we drive around the community to see what we can see.

As a result, she thinks every time I go somewhere in the truck, she is supposed to go.  One day this past summer, I had to take the truck to get the oiled changed and do some other things that she couldn’t join me in.  As I backed out of the driveway, this is what I heard and saw.

It’s one time I was glad I don’t speak “dog!”