This morning we woke up to the first real snow of the season.  Since my driveway was slushy slick and the snow was still falling, I opted to stay at home today.  Tippy and I had a nice, relaxing morning.  She snoozed while I played on the computer and watched TV.

snowy day snooze_01
Snoozing on her bed – sort of.

She isn’t supposed to get in this chair, but I had noticed the last week or so that she had been. I decided to just go ahead and cover it up and “allow” her to use it.  It hasn’t been sat in as much as the couch and love seat, so the cushion is a lot firmer.  I think that is why she likes it.

lazy day 2_01
This armrest is comfy.
lazy day_01
This chair is a lot more comfortable than the loveseat.

This afternoon, we decided to go for a walk. This was a wet snow that laid on everything, making a beautiful, peaceful, winter wonderland.

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This is my stab at taking an “artistic” picture.  The brown grass sticking up through the snow is pretty cool looking.

being artistic_01

Tippy and I are wishing you a safe, fun, and adventurous week ahead.



Yesterday was a nice snow day for Tippy and I. There was already some snow on the ground and it continued to fall throughout the day.  As much as Tippy loves to play in it, I decided to let her off leash on our morning walk. She did GREAT!

She waited patiently while I closed the gate so the cows wouldn’t escape.

Waiting to take a walk_01
Hurry up. I want to run!

Well, maybe impatiently.  Then she was off exploring all of the sights, sounds, and smells.  I’m pretty sure she appreciated the fact that she didn’t have to go at my pace.

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She stayed fairly close and came every time I called her.  The fact that she knew she got a treat might have helped slightly.

One of my favorite things about playing in the snow is how cute she looks with a white nose.

Snowy nose (2)
Thanks for letting me play!

Later, while Tippy was taking a nap, I read some of the blogs that I follow.  I was inspired by Becoming a Wild Family to stop procrastinating on a quilting project.  It was originally supposed to be a Christmas present for my nephew eight years ago. I had gotten the quilt top put together, but had barely started on the quilting process.

Tyler's quilt
Log Cabin quilt top

I worked on it periodically for a couple of years and then just put it in the closet. My main problem was the time it took to even get it out and start quilting.  If I didn’t have at least half of a day to work on it, it didn’t seem worth the effort.  I purchased a small quilting frame so I could keep it set up and work on it when I only had 30 minutes or so to quilt.  That might have worked, but, two years later, it was still in the box.  Not now!  Yesterday, I put it together, put the quilt on it, and quilted for a couple of hours!

Got the quilt set up (2)_01

In the frame

My goal is to get it finished by June so I can give it to my nephew and his wife on their 5th wedding anniversary. Yes, I am the Queen of Procrastination, but I am going to do this!

Tippy and I hope all of your snow days are full of fun and productivity!





You aren’t seeing things.  You are getting two blogs on two consecutive days from me.  To what do you owe this rare pleasure?  I’m snowed in and have some extra time on my hands.

Yes, I am snowed in with only 4.5″ of snow on the ground.  Those of you who live in Colorado, Canada, Wisconsin,  or any other place that receives a lot of snow, probably think this silly.  However, we don’t get a lot of snow here, so we don’t have the means to get all of the county roads cleared.  Also, in my case, even if they were clear, my driveway is not.  As I have said before, it is a quarter mile of hills, curves, and shade.  Here are some pictures from this morning.  It is steeper than it appears.

Tippy patiently waited for me to have breakfast and coffee this morning before going on our walk.  Well, sort of patiently.  As you can see, she did move to the door to let me know that she was ready and I should hurry myself up.


Yesterday, the high temperature was 22°F.  It never ceases to amaze me that snow will melt at those temperatures.  Of course, it all refroze last night (low 10°F), making my walk today a bit more laborious than it was yesterday.  It also presented some interesting sites.  My boot prints in the snow had refrozen into beautiful crystals.

The only new animal signs I saw were from rabbits and squirrels.  I guess everything else has found a warm place to ride out this cold spell.  Tippy was happy to be out, regardless.

Looking for movement.

I did see lots of birds, trying to find something to eat to keep warm, I would imagine.  In the second picture below, a bird was “walking on water.”  The larger dark object is a log sticking up out of the ice.  The water wasn’t frozen solid around it, so I believe the bird was taking advantage of that fact and getting a drink.

The frozen pond was beautiful, glistening in the sun.  Unfortunately, the picture does NOT do it justice.

Glistening ice.

When we got back to the house, Tippy, once again, decided that she wasn’t quite done running.

Her antics left her with a snow beard.

I think I look rather distinguished with a beard.

I thought she was going to stay outside again, but, she decided to come in after about 5 minutes.  I don’t blame her.  The sunny bed was a much warmer place for a nap.



Last night, we got our first snow of 2017…about 4.5 inches.  It was the kind of snow that lays on everything.  My favorite.

My view when I opened the curtains this morning.

Tippy loves the snow. When I first took her out this morning, she was intent on surveying the “new” surroundings.

Even though it was only 14°F, I decided to take her on our walk before the wind picked up.   She was more than ready.

It’s so pretty mom.

We basically had virgin snow the entire way out, with only a few deer and rabbit tracks to be seen.  I hate leaving my tracks in virgin snow.  I try to walk the same path on the way back, so as to save as much of the purity as possible.

I wanted to get a good picture of Tippy with snow on her nose.  She is the worlds worse to look away just as I snap.  I finally got a decent one.

She was still full of energy after we got back from our 1.1 mile walk/run.  (I walked.  She ran.)

Even after that, she had enough energy to play Frisbee.

This is her kind of weather.  She was out the majority of the day, running around or laying in the sun on the front porch.

We did take another walk in the afternoon.  It started with the half mile round trip to the mail box, where we found the mail person had slid into the ditch right past my box.  It is on a hill that never sees the sun, so was very icy.  She would have probably made it, had she not had to stop to put mail in my box.  When she started back out, she lost traction and in the ditch she went.  It’s a deep ditch, so 2 wheels were up in the air.  She said she was okay and had help on the way.

Tippy ran up to the gate, wanting to walk back in the hills again, so I took her about half of our normal walk.  I was done with the cold.  I think she could have stayed out longer.  I’m beginning to think she is part Husky.



The first fall of snow is not only an event, it is a magical event. You go to bed in one kind of world and wake up in another quite different, and if this is not enchantment then where is it to be found?  -J. B. (John Boynton) Priestley

We finally got our first snowfall of the season.  I love how it transforms the dreary world of winter into a beautiful thing to behold.  Tippy seems to be amazed that the world suddenly changed.  She loves to eat it, play in it,take walks in it, lay in it, etc.

Here are some pictures from our morning walk.  I had hoped to find tracks of other animals that had been out and about, but it was just me, Tippy, and one lone rabbit.

Pond nearly frozen over.







Exploring an interesting smell while the snow is falling.
On the trail.

It’s still snowing here, so another walk may be in the making.  We certainly won’t be going anywhere in the car today, as this “big snow” has shut everything down and it is dangerous to drive.  (If you don’t understand that statement, you don’t live in the south.)