I totally forgot to include this selfie of me and Tippy in yesterday’s post. We were happy to see each other.

Happy to be home!

We are both trying to readjust to her being home. I had a major dog mom fail on Friday evening. I let her out at around 5 pm so she could run around a little more and do her business before she came in for the night. I got engrossed in some things I was doing on the computer and noticed it was getting pretty dark. My first thought was, I need to turn on the light. Then, I panicked and thought, “Oh no! I forgot about Tippy!” Ooops. When I looked, she was patiently standing at the front door, waiting to come in. Bless her heart.

I’m a light sleeper, so had a hard time falling asleep the first night because I woke up every time she moved. Then, she wasn’t used to me sleeping in the living room recliner, so seemed to be a little discombobulated and at one point went into the bedroom – like she “knew” she should be in a different room from me, but that it was all wrong.

I was gone most of the day on Saturday to attend my neighbor’s funeral and visit with the family afterwards. I felt bad that I had to leave her all alone after she just got home, but she didn’t seem to mind. When I did get home, we took a nice walk back into the neighbor’s field and played some Frisbee. She still has a lot of energy for an almost 8 year old.

That night, we went to sleep better, but she licked me on the nose and woke me up at 2 am. She proceeded to the door whining. From previous experience, I know that if she wants out in the middle of the night, she really does need to go. So, I got up, got wrapped up, and took her out. It was cold and had just started snowing. She did her business fairly quickly, thankfully.

When we came back in, I sat down in the recliner and she sat on my feet, wanting to be petted. I did that for a few minutes and then started to lean back to try to go to sleep. She was going to have nothing of that and tried to climb in my lap. I couldn’t let her up there because she could have hurt my breastbone…from the surgery. I figured she just wanted to cuddle, so I chose to spend the rest of the night on the couch. She did jump up and lay beside me for about 45 minutes. I guess she just needed to be reassured that I was there and everything was okay.

When we got up the next morning, we had almost two inches of snow. It was already above freezing though, so it was melting quickly and big clumps were falling off of the tree limbs. Since Tippy and I love walking in the snow so much, I drank a cup of coffee and then we set out on a stroll through the snowy woods. It was really pretty and we both enjoyed the early morning jaunt.

Because the temperatures were so warm, there was fog on the hills. It gave the scene a peaceful, eerie feeling.

Snowy fog

We took another walk in the afternoon and I think Tippy was wondering where all of the white stuff went.

Where did all of the snow go?

After that walk, her feet were filthy. She finally let me clean them off so she could come inside. I rewarded her with an almost empty peanut butter jar. Can you say “peanut butter coma?” LOL

Peanut butter coma

I’m so glad that she is home. We both still have a little bit of adjusting to do, but I’m sure we’ll be back into our normal routine in no time at all.


I had originally planned for Tippy to come home on Thursday. However, I have been waiting a couple of weeks for parts to come in so I could get my built-in microwave oven and my heat pump repaired. Both services called on Wednesday to say the parts were in and they could come do the work the next day. Since that meant strange men would be in the house most of the day, I opted to wait until Friday to have Addie bring her home.

I didn’t realize how much I had missed her until she got out of the car and I started crying. It was unexpectedly emotional.

I’m home!

This isn’t the best picture. I think she was tangled in the leash, but I assure you, she wasn’t hurt. Addie had her on the leash to insure a calm, and therefore safe, reunion. She is really good about calming down and listening, even when she is excited.

Ok. Ok. I’ll wait.

Our meeting went really well. She sat so I could pet her, which we both thoroughly enjoyed. This is our typical meeting after being away from each other. Sometimes I feel bad that we don’t have the “TV reunion,” where the dog is jumping and being overly rambunctious. But, that’s not us and not what I really want. I don’t want to be knocked to the ground every time I come home. I know she loves me and is happy to see me. She just shows it in a very respectful way.

After Addie left, she did what she always does, and surveyed the house and the property, just to make sure that things are pretty much as she left them. We also took a walk into the neighbor’s field. It was muddy from all the snow and rain, but she didn’t seem to mind, until I had to wash her feet. LOL

Then, it was time to relax.

Vacation is fun, but there always comes a time when you just want to be home.


Over the last 8 weeks, Tippy has only been home a week and a half. I’m so glad that I have such a good friend/sitter who is willing to take care of her when needed and treats her like one of her own. I don’t know what I would have done had it not been for her!

It snowed yesterday and last night. You know Tippy loves the snow, so I hated that I was missing seeing her zooming around and enjoying the white stuff. Addie must have known, because she sent me these pictures.

Snow nose

She is coming home on Thursday. I can’t wait to see her and get back to some semblance of a normal routine.